Help identifying this light globe?

dorothy9_gwMarch 15, 2010

I purchased this globe years ago and would like to find out more about it. Does anyone know what kind of glass this is?

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Probably Art glass but haven't seen any just like that but probably would be good place to start looking. Might try Durand as they had wooden stands with some & lamps too. Peking has stands but they are Chinese looking designs. Don'
t think it's Tiffany. Any marks at all, is the cord very old, look like modern lamp inside where you put the bulb in? I take it that the top is attached to the wood by the light assembly, is it old felt with threads going through it on the bottom of wood so wouldn't scratch table? Could be name near bottom or on top edge or some kind of mark, have you looked? Any ideas how old it is? Could be from 20's to 40's or a knockoff. What kind of wood, what area of country did you get it from, that might help. It is lovely lite, that is for sure.

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Looks like it's the globe from an old light that someone has put on a lighted stand....I think the OP knew that and was asking about the globe.
Unfortunatly I don't know what the glass is....think it's likely not too maybe 1960's and newer....but it appears to be very fine glass.
Linda C

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Linda is right, I bought the wooden base and light/cord in Spring Texas so it is not a part of the globe nor is it that old. My daughter posted this for me (I wouldn't know how to begin). I gave her the lamp base thinking it would show off the colors better, actually I think the colors are prettier in real life, very delicate.

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Good lesson, looks very close to a Durand lamp but of course they can be faked so for personal use great but if you are buying look it over carefully & if someone says they "had to replace the dangerous old cord" that could be a red flag but not always as sometimes the old cords do get dangerous & have to be replaced. Wonder if it could be Czech glass, they have done a lot of modern stuff that is really nice. I've seen some bought at auction!

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sunnyca, I believe you misunderstood what you were seeing. The wooden base with the liguht is sold in many gift shops and department stores. Meant to show off a piece of glass or a glass's not part of a "lamp"'s a base and you can sit different things on it.
Durand glass represents the work of many artists who worked for that short period of time in the New Jersey glass works so there is no "typical style" however there was lots of a shiny yellowish glass used.
It doesn't look like any Czech glass I have ever seen. But then I haven't seen all Czech glass....however I think it's more likely American.
Linda C

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