Roomate Problems

tinkloverSeptember 28, 2007

I am so stressed out about this situation, maybe someone can help me...

My boyfriend and I signed a one year lease with a friend of mine. She usually stays at her boyfriends on the weekends, but during the week he stays the night three or four times. My boyfriend and I work two jobs and are in college. Her boyfriend has his own house that his PARENTS bought him, but he still sleeps and showers 3-4 times a week. He does not have a job, his parents pay for EVERYTHING (car, rent, clothes, etc.) He also brings a puppy (lab) that has already chewed on a book of mine. The place is very small to begin with, and I have a small yorkie and my roommate has a full grown lab, there is NO room for another dog, nor does he pay for his dog like I do, as well as my roommate. He is NOT on the lease and it was never mentioned that he would stay over this often. We brought up the situation to our roommate, she states he only stays once or twice a week (NOT TRUE) and that he is her GUEST and can stay WHENEVER SHE WANTS HIM TO. She only pays 1/3 of the rent, we pay 2/3. I refuse to pay rent for him to stay there especially since he has his own place. She also thinks that it is okay for him to stay at the place by himself, when no one is there. They both have had everything handed to them their whole life, I mean, he´s 20 and DOES NOT WORK, his parents pay for everything. My roommate is also spoiled when it comes to these things, she has credit cards that go home to get paid and only works about 8 hours a week. My boyfriend and I work over 35 hours a week, and we pay for everything of ours, with no help from parents. Her boyfriend said that he would pay 0.83 cents every night he stayed, where is he getting that number from, he calculated it to four hours, not including the hours or sleeping and waking at OUR place. They seem to think we are being unfair about the whole situation - we want him to start paying rent. If not, we want them BOTH out, are we being too harsh?

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I don't think you are being too harsh BUT can you pay the rent without the room mates help?

Is she is on the lease, when is the lease up? End of lease is your best bet. Your other option is call the landlord and hope he cares about what is going on in his apartment.

As long as he get paid and the boyfriend doesn't cause trouble he probably won't care about that. The third dog might be an issue.

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Your roommate's behavior may get you all thrown out by the landlord. Since she is on the lease, she obviously plans on staying. You've already tried talking to them and they won't listen to reason. They are young and sound immature. Could talking to their parents help the situation? Since the parents are paying for their lifestyle they may wield some control.

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Were this to happen in one of my dwellings, this would be my reaction: boyfriend is not a guest. He stays far too often for that. Rent aside, I have occupancy issues to be concerned about as well as liability issues. I do not want someone staying there who has not signed a legal contract with me. I also do not want another pet on board that I am not aware of, not only because boyfriend has not given me deposit money to protect damages his pet might do, but because there's a liability issue if his pup bites anyone. So without his signature on the lease, I'm wide open to some potentially nasty situations.

What would I do if I became aware of this? Tell boyfriend he has to go, and take his dog with him. I would then frequently monitor the place to make sure he's not still living there part-time. If girlfriend/roommate kicks up a fuss, I will remind her that this is in violation of the lease and I will cite reasons why. If girlfriend/roommate gets in a tiff and bolts, if you and BF had funds to carry the rent, I would officially terminate the current lease and rewrite one with you and BF alone as occupants.

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Hm... well apparently she is moving out. However, she wants us to sign the papers NOW. We cannot afford it by ourselves. We need a subleaser, and are trying to find one. She keeps saying she can find a random person to live with us, but I am pretty sure we all have to sign a paper agreeing on the subleaser. She has blown this out of proportion, and I am concerned when she moves out she is going to tear up the place and we we will not get our deposit.

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Tell your landlord a.s.a.p. what is going on. Do not let yourselves be responsible for problems caused by your roommate. Your landlord just might be willing to work with you, and will probably greatly appreciate the fact that you've given them a heads up. (Check your lease, too. Mine have a no-sublet clause, so if bodies are switched, it's a breach of the lease agreement. Did that because of a tenant from h*ll that came in uninvited, caused my good tenant to leave, and I was left with a nightmare tenant that I nearly had to evict.)

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