refinish chair?

emchouffeMarch 1, 2011


I found this chair and am planning on hand caning it myself. Was wondering if I should refinish it before and if so what you would suggest.

chair is carved, possibly walnut, hand caned.

Any other info would be great too! thanks!

Mar 1, 2011

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Doesn't look like it needs to be re-finished to me....great chair...
I don't think it's walnut...can't see close enough to see the grain...but I don't think so.
Both chairs are great.
Ever caned a seat before?...not rocket science...just tedious!
Post pictures of the finished product!
Linda C

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thanks for the response! Maybe I'm looking for something to add shine? not a total refinish. Or a good cleaning may help.

I haven't caned a seat before and was hoping these were both machine caned so I could just buy the premade web and attach. no such luck! Thanks for the warning!

I added a couple closeups of the wood if you feel like venturing a guess! the color is more of a brown/grey.
Mar 1, 2011

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I think you will be happier if you cane it. I would give it a try if I had those chairs even though I have never done it. Check out instructions online or at the library.

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Any finishing or cleaning should be done prior to caning & it needs a hand caned seat - it's not that hard, just time consuming & requires patience. Holes around the seat are required for hand caning & a groove around the edge indicates it needs machine pre-woven cane.

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It looks like it has no finish on it at all....I guess I would perhaps rub on some stain and put on a couple of coats of the finish of your choice.
I would use a varnish rather than shellac or lacquer as a finish because you will be working with water when you cane it and the water may cloud a shellac or lacquer.

Sorry, I can't tell you what kind of wood it is...not open enough grain for walnut...too open for birch or maple.

I hope you won't "cheat" and get plastic caning...
It's easier in that you don't have to soak it...but looks like plastic...I guess because it is!!
Good luck!
Linda C

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Hi all thanks for the responses!
I am planning on hand caning using natural rattan cane. And will try using a varnish (thanks linda c!). And will post pics when they're both completed! Thanks again everyone, and I'm still accepting guesses on the type of wood!

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And....feel free to post an "AARGH!" here while you are in the middle of caning! LOL!
Remember you will have 6 pieces of cane in each buy the proper size cane.
Good luck.
As has been said, nor rocket science but fiddley!

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Oh Linda, I'd forgotten that cane comes in sizes - of course it's probably been 35+ years since I had any dealings with it!

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