antique monarch electric range

cadlacMarch 31, 2008

i just bought an antique monarch electric cooking range. it is from the early to mid 1930s. the model number on it F17HGW. it is a 3 burner with the oven underneath the cooktop on the right and a door on the left with a electric crock pot type thing on the left that slides out. the stove is in excellent condition and complete with the the oven timer and clock. i was wondering if anyone out there might have any info on this stove, or any tips on where i might be able to find parts if needed.

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The crock pot type thing is called a deep well cooker. There are quite a few internet places to get parts, just google "antique stove" you will come up with most of them.
With a model number you can also go to your local appliance parts dealer & you would be surprised what you can still replace. I had a '51 GE, & was able to get most parts locally.

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yes i have a very old Monarch electric range with two burners and an oven with a MARBLE top i'm curious what year it might but i don't know were to find the serial number I was hoping that you could give me any kind of information on this antique

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Ryan, if you email to me a photo of your stove I will try to help you. You can also look on which is my website for Monarch ranges.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remembering Monarch Range

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I have an old Monarch range. Pat #2133184. It has 2 coal
burners and 4 electric. It got ruined in a basement flood and is badly rusted. I can't even open door to look for serial number. Should I try to salvage any of it or just scrap the whole thing? Don't know if anyone cold use any

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I have an old thimble with Monarch Ranges on it is it worth any thing at all. Is it collectable?

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i have a monarch model 15C, could anyone help me with finding replacement parts?

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