Please Help Me Identify This Set

drtechsMarch 10, 2010


My Mother has decided to sell some of her long held items and she decided to sell this Beautiful Set. All she knows is that she has had this set for about 23 years, which she was given this set by a friend who had it for a while also. ANY help with determining ANYTHING about this set would be much appreciated. I pasted a link to the image in question below.

THANK YOU In Advance,


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This bowl and plate;

It's of the late Depression glass period, the glassware that was often called "elegant depression" glass.
In your picture there is no indication of size, so even approximate value is not possible.
I'm not going to take the time to look for a positive ID on the maker and the pattern....but it's from the 1940's, appears to be nice glass and is either a mayonaise bowl and plate or a "center bowl and underplate...meant to go into the center of the table and be filled with fruit or flowers for decoration. Often there were matching candle sticks.
Something in the back of my mind says Imperial Glassware.
Hope this helps you out a little.
Linda C

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I went through Collector's Edition of Depression Glass 18th edition by Gene & Kathy Florence & it's not in there, I had a little on Imperial in another book but that pattern wasn't included but doesn't mean they didn't make it. I have the 3rd edition of Gene Florence's Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era so will look at it later.


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I went through the 3rd edition book above & "Very Rare Glassware of the Depression Years' by Gene Florence &' Kovels
Depression Glass & American Dinnerware Price List" & not in any of them. I don't have the Imperial book, could be in there or similar to Cambridge's Caprice or I think a pattern by Duncan. Maybe someone will have some & know what it is!! Good Luck!! My guess is that it is hard to clean so not much of it was made, even wiping it with all the indents would bug me so I probably wouldn't use it much. Maybe an Art Deco or Nouveau pattern???

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Thank You to ALL that has spent ANY amount of time assisting me. In case it helps, the measurements of the bowl is 11" across, 5" Tall. The Platter is 14 Diameter.

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I finally found the information I was looking for. It is made by Indiana Glass with the following remaining info:

Pattern: 303-Clear by Indiana Glass
Pattern #: 303
Description: Line #303, Geometric Swirl Design, Clear

Thank You To All That Replied!!!

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Glad you ID'd it...although a rose by any other name......

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