Anyone used 'Bonded Waterproofing' company? (NJ/NY)

lisabrynMay 10, 2007

Hi all,

Water in basement three years in a row... keeps getting worse with all the crazy weather. It is already a totally finished basement with Pergo floors that are now buckling, so I know we need to do something.

I was wondering if anyone has used the above mentioned water-proofing company and could provide some feedback about their work/results?

We had Mid-Atlantic over for an estimate and they were a pushy nightmare... also read all the BBB complaints on them, so now I'm a little wary of the whole water-proofing industry, but Bonded seems to have gotten some favorable testimonials.

Thanks so much!

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I live in Monmouth County, NJ and also have a nicely finished basement. We've been getting water in the basement from the perimeter whenever it rains hard. We also have two sump pumps. I was wary of waterproofing companies but finally had to bite the bullet. I looked into Quality 1st Basement Systems and decided to go with them. They came at 8am today, and it's 8:42 pm and they're still here and finishing up. You may want to google them. They're out of Perth Amboy, NJ and they also do parts of NY. Of course, I won't know for sure how effective this was until we get some of the torrential rains that seem to come more often nowadays!

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How would you rate your experience with them now - one month later?

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So far, so good. We didn't have any torrential rains yet, but there's been one fairly heavy rain, and no water in the basement. I'm still waiting for that one sudden and very heavy downpour!

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Well, I'm glad to hear someone else is using a basement systems installer. I was going to use Quality 1st, but they weren't able to take a look at my basement until August 1. I have hired BQ Basement Systems - installers of the same system by Basement Systems. I've hired them to do almost everything they offer. I hope the system works, because I'm also finishing it almost immediately afterword - pending $$$'s. I got a quote from a GC to install metal studs, drywall, tape/spackle, doors (frames & hardware), smoke detectors, lighting and electrical for around $15K - for about 800 SF - this does not include carpet or paint.

Sorry, back to waterproofing. I'll respond again if we remain dry once installed. So far I'm very impressed with the level of professionalism and courtesy I've been shown from the salesman and their office. Very helpful and informative, and not over-pressuring - actually, no pressure at all. I said we're going to think about it and discuss some, since it's quite a bit of money (almost $20K). He said, "OK, well if you come up with any questions, please feel free to call me on my cell." Which I did - and he answered all questions, and the last one was, when can you start...I'll keep you updated.

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I'm the one who used Quality 1st. Just wanted to let you know that my basement remained dry throughout yesterday's torrential rain (at least in my part of Monmouth County, NJ). Now we have to have our basement refinished. It was already a finished basement, but in order to do the work they had to cut off the lower half of the sheetrock as well as the lower half of the studs behind the sheetrock. It wasn't a pretty sight! I waited to have it refinished because I wanted to make sure it would weather the storms, and so far, so good. I know we would have had water in our basement yesterday if we hadn't had the work done, so I think it was worth it.

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pugluv - what did you have them do - just the perimeter system? We're having them do the perimeter, replace our current sump with a triplesafe, put the bubble wrap type vapor barrier, the flooring stuff and the sanidry dehumidifier.

We're going to refinish right after - as long as we can come up with a good price with the contractor. Speaking of which - do you know of a decent contractor? We want to get another quote...

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I had them do a partial perimeter and 2 sets of the triplesafe sump pump. We already had 2 sump pumps, but they enlarged the holes and put in the triplesafe system. We also had them put up the white plastic sheeting - the Cleanspace - on the same walls where the WaterGuard system was put in. We have two dehumidifers going all the time, but they're not the Sanidry.To refinish our previously finished basement, we're using someone who is on his own now. He had originally worked for a kitchen contractor and we liked his work when we had our kitchen done. He lives in Monmouth county.

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In case anyone is interested, here are my photos of our waterproofing experience. We used BQ Basement Systems Basement Waterproofing and were EXTREMELY pleased with them. Any questions, please feel free to let me know.

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I'm doing some research for my basement in northern NJ. Thus far I'm seeing BQ Systems, Bonded and Quality 1st.
Any feedback from anyone who has had these systems installed for some time now ?
I see that user pugluvrnj has had a system in since June of 2007. How's it going with it ? Still dry ?
Thank you,

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I used BONDED WATERPROOFING and was very satisfied. My salesman was knowledgeable and not pushy. The men who did the actual labor were kind and respectful. They were neat and clean. They taped up the doorway to the basement with plastic to prevent dust from traveling through our home. But the best thing of all was the dry basement I have enjoyed for the past five years. I love the sound of rain on my roof knowing it will not get into my home!

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You may want to consider having the basement waterproofed instead of installing water control systems. Waterproofing is performed exclusively on the exterior and corrects the causes of water seepage. Interior water control systems allow the water to enter the basement and pump it back out. Waterproofing will result in a much drier basement and is the only way to insure dry walls. Water control systems correct seepage issues only, and should not be a consideration for wet or cracking walls. Let the water in and rely on sump pumps to send it out, or prevent the water intrusion completely, this is the main difference between waterproofing and water control.

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