Moving sump pump

hopesprings_gwMay 18, 2010

We just installed an egress window and repiped some gutter run off outside our house. In the process, we found out there were no drain tiles feeding our sump pump, and consequently, we would like to relocate it. Right now, it sits in the middle of our basement, has piping that twists and turns like a Rube Goldberg puzzle, and collects run off from the furnace A/C & humidifier, our RO system, and the tankless water heater. We are finishing some of the basement and want to move it into the corner with the other utilities (water heater, water softener etc.), which would clean up a lot of piping and just work better.

How difficult is this? Can my husband do this and just fill the existing sump with concrete?

Also, we have a radon remediation system (fan), so won't we need to seal it off once the new one is dug in?


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The floor should be pitched so that water would run to the pit. If that is so, in order to move the pump you would need to install a floor drain at that location with a drain line to the new pit.

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It does not sound like a real sump pump.

It is being used as a condensate pump.

You are going to have to extend all the lines that empty into the pit presently to the new location.

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lazypup...the floor is indeed pitched to the current sump and I fear drilling new drain line will be super expensive and very disruptive. Not sure it's worth it? have described it perfectly. My fear is the day we need a true sump if we move it and don't have a replacement option. But with no drain tile feeding it, the basement would have to be flooding from somewhere else, right? (windows? upper floors? something catastrophic...)


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