Wall oven caution - IKEA/Nutid/Datid/Whirlpool

detroit_burbJanuary 20, 2013

This post is meant to steer people away from IKEA Nutid, Datid, and all Whirlpool wall ovens.

I have been without a functioning oven for three months, and have had service out a total of five times to replace, and re-replace parts on a wall oven that was used a total of 12 months and died after the first time I used the self clean function. Whirlpool manufactures the IKEA ovens and there are two class action lawsuits against Whirlpool, one in Texas, one in New York, regarding the problem with their self cleaning ovens malfunctioning and blowing fuses after self clean.

I owned a 1984 Jenn-Air range, and a 2003 Jenn-Air range prior to this wall oven, both performed well on self clean, without any performance problems. The 1984 range was used for 20 years without any service, the 2003 range was used for 8 years without needing service. I know how to maintain my appliances well.

Whirlpool wall ovens should be avoided. There are other brands that badge whirlpool ovens with their own name - be sure to ask before you buy if it is a whirlpool oven.

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You've described a condition that is common across manufacturers. It's not specific to the Whirlpool brands. Many many people with self cleaning ovens do not use their feature because of it's propensity to self-destruct. All modern stoves have more insulation to hold the heat in, and they have more electronics. The combination isn't always happy together. Electronics don't like heat. That's why you are seeing a move in the pro range arena towards simplification and gas only units with no electronics. Yes, you lose self clean. But that's not a big loss for most. If you keep the oven wiped out each week, it doesn't get so grody that you have to try to nuke it all at once. That goes if the oven is gas or electric.

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I have used the self clean in my Fridgidaire galery gas convection oven several times since buying it not even a year ago and it has always worked fine. I do remember reading a review on my model that the customer used self clean one time and the convection fan would no longer work. They said it was fixed under warranty.

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I had a 2003 Jenn-air oven with more functions that were completely electronic, with a touchpad. I was successfully self cleaned many times in the 8 years I used it. The outside did not heat up to the point of burning my hand during self clean.

I don't believe the issue is electronics because my 2003 Jenn-air had more electronics and had more functions that my current wall oven. The IKEA wall oven exterior heats up to the point of melting plastic during self clean. This is a design defect. I do believe that the oven is NOT properly insulated to begin with.

I am still under warranty, but they cannot seem to be able to fix it. It was sold to me as a self cleaning oven, it is not designed to withstand self clean.

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I don't drive my car to the limit on the speedometer, ever and I also don't use the self cleaning feature on my oven.
Try sitting a pan of diluted ammonia in a warm-only oven [turned off] overnite and then you can clean it with conventional products in the morning.

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Well Jump, if you bought a car with AC, you would probably want to be able to use it without the engine shutting down until repair...like self clean, it is there to keep you from sweating.

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Yes! I bought this oven from IKEA two years ago, I have tried to use the self-clean twice and twice it has broken the oven! Repair person says not to use that feature again. Whirlpool says IKEA's installation instructions are wrong and IKEA isn't saying anything....I can always clean it by hand but I paid for this....I say IKEA has to own up....

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Doesn't IKEA have a 5 year warranty on all their appliances?

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I have had two different certified Whirlpool repair shops out with professional repair people. There were several appointments to my home in a 4 month period, the oven not working for all but 5 days of that time period. I had each one inspect the installation and both said there were no installation problems. I left a recording device on during the repairs - my attorney said there was no problem doing this, so I have two certified repair people on video with audio stating the installation is not a problem.

The oven has never gone thru a self cleaning cycle since purchased, it cannot go thru a self cleaning cycle, it will self destruct. This is a manufacturing defect.

I wholeheartedly disagree with the comment above that he/she does not drive their car to the limit on the odometer, this is not a appropriate comparison.

I would not have purchased an oven without a self clean feature. Period.

False advertising, IKEA, and Whirlpool -POORLY DONE!

lee676, there is a 5 year in home warranty. This means nothing. I waited 5-7 days for service each time. Ordered parts take another 7-10 to be shipped. Then another service call. Each service call is 1-2 hours minimum. I can spend my entire 5 years with no oven at this rate.

Do you think that is fair?

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no - but it beats you having to pay for parts and labour, which is how it isw with most brands after one years, maybe two or three, including Whilpool's "high-end" Jenn-Air and KitchenAid brands. Certain parts may get a long warranty but not the whole appliance. Ikea's Whirlpool service can be annoyingly slow, but at least you don't pay for directly for each scheduled visit. (Of course, having to stay home for a few hours can cost toke away from the office, etc.).

I went with a Ikea (Whirlpool-built) fridge over the Whirlpool or Kitchenaid-branded versions in large part because of the 5-year in-home warranty, as well as the lower cost when buying it at the same time as the 20%off cabinet promotions. It's missing a few interior parts I'd like to order as accessories though (extra shelves, bins, and can racks their other brands have but Ikea leaves out to keep the price low). Haven't decided which parts to get yet.

I went for a 24"w, 24"h, non-self-cleaning oven. Ikea recently discontinued the Nutid and Datid ovens in this size, although they still make the cabinet. I preferred the Fagor ovens with the side-hinged door, glide-out racks, and fast preheat anyway; they're only $100 more though only a one-year warranty, and from an organisation that isn't well established Stateside (they're big in Europe and Australia, so parts should remain available, if not necesarrily fast.. Oven's being installed today!

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Thanks for the caution about Ikea wall ovens. I have not read good things about them, and am glad I chose not to get one.

I looked at the Ikea ovens because of the price and warranty, but in the end decided that they were too flimsy. I liked the few controls, though. I found a Jenn-Air floor model (built in 2009) that I got for half price. The door seems so much sturdier and the roll-out shelf is great -- just in a completely different class from the Ikea ovens, and at about the same price.

I would not use the self-clean function ever. I had a KA wall oven two houses ago, and used it once. It stunk up the entire house and wasn't worth it. I just wipe out the oven when it looks gunky. My new Jenn-Air has so much electronics that I wouldn't dream of using self-clean. I can't deal with living without an oven for a single day, and if it were to crash and burn, well, I'm not willing to take that chance.

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Wish I had read this forum before I decided to use "self-clean" on my Ikea wall oven -- two days before I was supposed to put my house on the market. Well, it broke, just like the others' above. The oven is two years old and it's the first time I used self-clean. Called Ikea, they contacted the local repair place. Came out last week, had to order a part; came out today with the part, but that did not fix the problem. Had to order another part, which won't be in 'til next week. Meanwhile, I have no oven, and I've had to put my home sale on hold. Needless to say, I am beyond furious. But meanwhile, my cousin told me that she's had the same problem with her built-in wall oven (not Ikea); so many times that she just gave up and doesn't use self-clean anymore. Apparently, the heat that builds up during the self-clean function is too much for these built-in ovens.

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I forgot to add: The reason I cannot sell the home with the oven as it is, is that the lights aren't working and the door can't be closed as it will lock up again. It is propped open with a dishtowel. The repair guy said, "Oh just tell them it's in the process of being repaired" -- yeah, right, that's all I need, to point out a flaw in a major appliance to prospective buyers.

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I am, very shortly, going to confront IKEA again with this issue. I will post their reply.

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Update on IKEA oven. The oven is made by Whirlpool and when I spoke with the IKEA person she said to call Whirlpool. They told me that maybe my repair person was biased and that I should try the self-cleaning function again. (!??) And then if (when) it breaks, call Whirlpool and they will send a different repair co. out. Am I getting tired of this circus or WHAT!! Now I have to choose when I can do without my oven for two weeks while I wait for parts to be ordered and get it fixed AGAIN!! Is something wrong here???

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For those of you with IKEA or Whirpool wall ovens, apparently there have been a number of reports of blown thermal fuses, and so they have revised the installation instructions to allow more space for venting

If you have one of the ovens, you might want to have a handyman see if they can drill some holes to allow ventilation if they can't rework the cabinet to give it the extra space.

Here is a link that might be useful: journal of online construction

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IKEA NUTID CONVECTION OVEN IS TOTAL GARBAGE 5 months old ..fist self clean and DEAD..after reading these complains i will toss this piece of crap in the garbage..i can aford a better built oven then have to worry about an oven that can not even clean itself..too many hassels with repairs and parts ..i am much better off taking a 900 dollar loss and be worry free..then keeping this garbage in my house...thanks for all the input ..i hope others will read them and not make the same mistakes as we all have!!!!!!!!

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You get what you pay for. I ordered pizza for my moving men. I turned on my brand new IKEA wall oven (made by Whirlpool) and I warmed the pizza up. It splashed a little on the bottom so I decided to use my self clean feature.

Blow my oven up; couldn't even open the door. The repair man came. Parts are now ordered to replace basicallly the circuit board.

I Google searched and found out this happens almost everytime. So I used my oven once and am now awaiting the parts so my oven can open/work again.

When you buy cheap, expect this type of purchase. BUT I learned that Whirlpool seems to have no pride in their work so I will make every effort to steer clear of their products regardless of the price range.

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I wish I did my research. I am having the same problem with my Datid ikea oven. It has been 6 weeks and I am still without an oven.

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