Advise on waterproofing basement

organic_mermaidMay 13, 2010

Have been trying hard to research options for radon mitigation for a basement in recently purchased home. Poured concrete, mostly finished. Area has been planned as a separate living quarters for a relative. Had also intended to slowly tear out existing finished walls (at least around perimeter of basement) in order to ensure cracks were dealt with and to see if proper waterproofing/vapor barriers were used in original finishing.

Heavy rains recently have led to the discovery of water under some storage shelving left by seller. Moved those and discovered some mold and wet drywall near the floor. Tore the drywall off and removed fiberglass insulation. There is some plastic sheeting against the concrete walls but that seems to be it. Wall studs are 2x6 construction...think I can save those but know I will need to replace the boards that have come into contact with the slab/floor since there does not appear to be anything used as a barrier. I am trying hard to research what is the best and most cost effective way to deal with the hairline crack on the wall...I don't believe it is "new" but rather has become an issue (the moisture/water seepage) over time as I noticed evidence of "patch" jobs to the drywall.

I have seen products that promise the moon...but I only want to have to do this once (if possible) and don't know if those various products allow for the flexibility I currently need in being able to do it slowly, room by room as I get my feet back under me from this recent purchase.

There is also a significant amount of cement walkways/pads around most of the above grade exterior of the home. I will check the grading of those for slope away from house and gutter system for all the relatively "easy" fixes....BUT where do I go from here on doing the best I can on crack repair/waterproofing while at same time helping to reduce radon gas. (No I havent tested high YET-but its just about a given for the area and I'm trying to be proactive)

ANY advise is most welcome!!!

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Awhile back I sent this info to another poster but there was no response so I don't know if this product is available in the U.S. In any event the product is called XYPEX High and Dry and works through a crystallization process. I had used it in the basement of my last house , built in 1918, and it was wonderful ! I had a lot of cracks, some large, some small. The larger ones I cleaned out and patched with hydraulic cement, the smaller, hairline ones , I used the High and Dry , end of story ! End of leaks ! Their website is

Good luck.

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