My BIG Pot with Strange Markings

phattcatMarch 27, 2014

I found this out in the woods in Oregon and drug it home witch was not a easy this to do. I done a lot of searching online and cant find much about it besides it is a scalding pot. I have a few questions if anyone can help me. It's about 16 inches deep and 28 inches across. It has some very strange marking on the bottom. Is this a makers mark? How old is it? Where is it from? what was it used for? and how much is it worth if I plan on selling it? I can only post one pic so this is the bottom of the pot. If anyone needs more pics email me.

Thanks you for any help you can give me

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Give us a little more to go on. Let see the top side, the inside, and the projection on the rim. What's it made of: Iron, pottery, etc?

If it is iron and you have found that it is a scalding pot, you have about got it all. By the way, how do you find out that it is a scalding pot?

Any metal pot that can heat water to boiling temperature can be used to scald. We used a plain large cooking pot to scald chickens for feather removal, but of course, we were doing only one or two chickens at a time.

A large scading kettle indicates some sort of butchering operation.

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I don't know how to post more then one pic... I hope this helps with more pics

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It's a iron pot... It's the marking hat I would love to find more information about

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The specific shape of the handle mounts indicates that some special lifting apparatus went with the cauldron. Almost every cauldron image I viewed had a wire bail handle attached to mounts pierced with holes. Your mounts are solid and seem designed to pivot, making the contents easier to empty.
The fact that it has no feet means that a stand of some kind was used to hold it above the heat.

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I hope some Wikkan coven is not out there looking for their cauldron. All "woods" belong to somebody.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cornell Law website

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Could the 65 refer to its volume? Maybe 65 gallons -- is it large enough for that?

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Looks like a cast iron "rendering pot" to me, minus the shield that let the farmer tip the pot without havng the cracklings pour out with the lard.

The marks are probably left over from the "runner" - the part of the mold that let the iron run down into the shape. They are ground off after casting.

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I don't believe those are runner marks. I am wondering if it could be ranch brand as in cattle and horse brands? Do you know where this pot came from? If it was an attempt to put a brand mark on the bottom of he casting, it is possible that it is reversed. The caster could have laid the mold strip to read properly when viewd from the top (before casting) and forgot that it needed to be reversed for viewing from the bottom.

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bragu_DSM 5

those were used on the farm for years

many people just put soil in them and use them for flower pots. very popular here in the MW

yup, you could boil your hogs in them, or make maple syrup ... or ...


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