Amana dehumidifier runs constantly, yet nomore draining

jallyMay 7, 2012

Just today installed 2 new Amana D950EP 50-pint dehumidifiers (installed by a home improvements handyman, among other jobs around here). Installed due to moldy basement, which became really bad during last summer's humidity.

One Amana is draining via a hole in cinderblock wall into the front yard, since that area was too far from laundry tub.

The Amana that's in the backyard area of basement is draining via a long PVC pipe, sloping gradually downward along rear wall of basement, until it empties into laundry tub.

Upon installation, the handyman was satisfied that it was pumping & draining efficiently, but then later on (after he had left), I noticed it had stopped dripping into the tub, even though the fan in the machine continued to whir constantly, without stopping. So I then put a container inside the laundry tub to see whether it collects any water, but approx. 1/2 hour to an hour later, the container was bone dry even though the machine continued to run.

FYI, the digital display of each Amana stated: 7150

Does anyone here have experience with the latest Amana dehumidifiers, enough to explain what's going on here? Thanks!

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Look in the tank and see if there is any water. If there is, then you have something wrong with pump or drain line. If not, then there might be something wrong with the unit itself. Most modern dehumidifiers have some kind humidistat and that may have malfunctioned. If you can look in the vents of the unit, see if the unit has iced up.

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Check the owners manual. Many dehumidifiers have an optional operation where the fan runs full time to insure proper ventilation and the humidistat only turns the refrigeration unit on when the incoming air has a humidity level above a preset point.

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Today the handyman showed up again, approx. the same time that an Amana girl managed to get me connected to an appropriate Haier rep. (apparently Amana licenses out this model to Haier).

The Haier girl told my guy something to the effect that the fan should have been turned up to highest setting, and the humidity control turned down to lowest setting. She said that then it ought to work.

But didn't get a chance to talk to anyone knowledgeable when I wasn't time-constrained due to handyman being here, so therefore remain in the dark re: the control panels. Nor could I find any helpful online video for this model.

The Haier customer service is the pits, and (similar to outsourcing tactics) they're deliberately disabled from putting customers thru to corporate offices.

So just now, when I meticulously emailed a followup to Haier product info, setting forth my case number, serial number, date/place purchased, etc. as well as the frustrating history of never being enabled to reach anyone knowledgeable,
...I immediately thereafter phoned Haier to confirm receipt of the email, and was then told by a guy that unfortunately they're not enabled to confirm receipt of emails sent to corporate offices, and also that they're not enabled to put me through the the corporate office rep.

The crazy part, is that this morning, a girl from Amana called me in response to my submission of a contact form, and the Amana girl was enabled to immediately put me thru to Haier's corporate office, whereas the Haier reps. both yesterday & today were unable to do so - indicative of a total divide.

In a nutshell, Haier sucks (I've had ditto experiences with Haier microwaves).

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Haier sucks

Kind of like the Geely of white goods, eh?

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Just before I was panicking, worried there'd be floods in the basement due to heavy rain.

So I pulled the plugs, and disconnected the hoses, and wheeled them to the lesser-flood-prone areas of the basement floor.

So does this mean I'll need to babysit them forevermore, whenever it rains?

I'm also wondering if I can use my washing machine & dehumidifier at the same time, since they're on the same line. Ditto re: dryer.

I wish I'd have thought of all these questions while the handyman was still here.

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Apparently Haier (China) is now the World's largest maker of appliances. Maybe they have learned some things and are improving but my confidence is not yet great enough to buy their products. Dehumidifiers as a group are not yet especially good quality. I have had the best luck with LG, a Korean brand. But they are not great either.

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