condo pool area extremely noisy

prettypapillondenuitSeptember 16, 2006

I live in Miami and am leasing a condo. I live in a corner unit with no side neighbors, but I am within close proximity to the pool and common area.

Every day, families host "parties" at the pool, usually ranging from 6-8 hours at a time, with anywhere from 10-50 guests. At any given time, there are children shrieking, loud music blaring from boomboxes, very loud, carrying conversation, and just general disrespect. My fiance and I are about to go crazy. We have no peace, between school, commuting, and this.

Should we go through the owners, the association, or both to try and resolve this? We have written numerous letters, made phone calls, and tried to physically go to the office. Our calls are not returned, the office is always dark and unoccupied, and only one of the staff (the manager) speaks english. Because we don't speak spanish, we are limited in what we can accomplish at the office.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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What does your lease say?

Does it say that noise is only allowed between certain hours and do the pool parties violate that rule?

Does it say only so many guests of a tenant are allowed to use the pool at once?

Even if the neighbors guests are fixed. If there are a lot of kids in the complex, noise at the pool is going to happen.

I feel for you but you had to know about the language barrier, and having been a kid, assumed a pool brings kids (they always do) before you rented the unit close to the pool.

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I think it's completely unreasonable to expect a pool area to be anything other than noisy. You shouldn't move into units next to pools, raquetball courts, playgrounds, etc if you are bothered by noise.

The only exception would be if the noise is occuring outside the pool's posted hours, in which case you could try having the owners deal with the association - but reality is that probably will not work. Your best solution is to move out when your lease is up and next time pay attention to the location of any unit you are renting.

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