HELP! Is it valuable?

decor2liveinMarch 7, 2013

Help! I just bought this piece at a local antique and collectibles store, and I will admit to having no knowledge on the subject of antiques. It has storage on the bottoms and spins, and I purchased it because I liked the look and was planning on using it in my daughter's room to put her legos on/in. My plan was also to paint it white. When I got it home I noticed the tag on the top of one shelf. If anyone knows anything about this piece I would love to hear about it. Also any opinions on the question of -To paint or not to paint?- are more than welcome

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Sorry, here is the actual piece. There are 4 openings around the bottom, one per side. Thank you!

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Here is some information I came across online about the manufacturer....


Question: We own a small wooden table with two drop leaves. It has a label under it that reads: "This piece was handmade in the workfhops of Charak Furniture Co., Bofton, Mafs. It is numbered 64. Made in year 1931." Why is the letter "f" used instead of "s"?

Answer: The letter that appears to be a lowercase "f" is a "long s," used in longhand 200 years ago. The Charak Furniture Co. probably used the long "s" on its furniture labels to imitate older, handwritten labels. Charak was in business from about 1928 until the 1950s, manufacturing modern-style furniture as well as reproductions of early American furniture styles. Charak chests, tables and buffets sell for a range of prices, depending on style and condition. Some sell for a few hundred dollars, others for more than $1,000.

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If you don't like it as it is go ahead and paint it. I would not hesitate to paint it for cute lego storage.

It won't be a "real" antique til 2035.


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