My apartment walls are in desperate need of paint!

snowflakeloverSeptember 4, 2008

My husband and I moved into an apartment on a third floor and it is great, except for one thing. The kitchen and bathroom are in need of a fresh coat of paint. There are no windows in the bathroom or kitchen, and when I went to look at the apartment, there was no electricity so I couldn't see well into those two rooms. I should have brought a flashlight but didn't think about it. I need to know if I can ask my landlord if they will paint those rooms. There is a lot of grease splattered by the stove and water stains in other areas, and there are ummm...unpleasant stains in the bathroom particularly behind the toilet. Eww... Is it right of me to ask?

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Why would you be afraid to ASK about painting (and making sure he pays for the paint, if not the work - can you do it yourselves?)? He's the landlord (some dude who happens to own a bldg) not your father, the president or a royal of some kind).

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Of course you can ask. Isn't that silly to even ask us?. But why bother, just clean the grease off the walls and paint it yourself, whats the problem?
The LL will use crappy paint anyway, this way you can paint it the color you want.
This really is a no brainer.

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You can paint yourself -- but I'd talk to the landlord first. Sounds like the place wasn't adequately cleaned before you moved in. Depending on how long since you've moved in, you should *tell* him the place needs to be cleaned and painted, rather than ask him to do it.

If he refuses (and since you're already in, he may well) you can go ahead and do the work yourself, and probably do a much better job. But be aware that even if you "paint it any color you want" -- your landlord may insist on you painting it white or beige or whatever the original color was before you move out.

I don't think the landlord can insist you replace the grease and water stains before you go, though....

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Have you already signed a lease? Even if you have, you have every right to ask-it's a reasonable expectation.

If he is a decent landlord, he will preapprove paint color and reinburse you for the materials (should you do the painting). Keep receipts and take before and after pictures (dated) just in case.

If you are not reimbursed, you may be able to deduct your painting expenses from any security deposit withheld.

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I can't fathom renting an apartment I couldn't see. I personally would agree that it really hadn't been properly prepared for new tenants.

He can take care of the repair, you can take care of it at his expense, or by deducting it from the rent having documented that you've done so & keeping full receipts of what was spent.

That said, forgive my sexism, but I'd hand it over to your husband & let it be a 'man to man' thing. Could it be that he thinks he can blow off your request 'cause you're "just the little woman"? Just a thought.

Going forward if one can't properly & fully inspect a place, one should not take it! It'd be inappropriate & should be suspect from the outset.

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