Identifying 'Original' Book

garlicjimMarch 13, 2012

I have an Elmer Kelton book, which I'm convinced is an original 1971 printing, but someone said it is most probably a book club printing.

Today while visiting with another seller, she told me that it is easy to spot an original: that the pages were stitched in and those thereafter were glued.

Any confirmation??

Thanks a bunch,


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By "original book" do you mean a "first edition" or something else?

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As a rule, First Edition of books are clearly marked including the printer of the book such Doubleday. Editionsof books by various book clubs are not first editions. Also, pay attention to the title of "first Edition English Printing. This is not the origional first Edition of the book printed first in a foreign language.

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It's usually clearly indicated on the same page as the copyright. What does all that text say?

Be aware that ALL books have a first edition. Whehter or not that becomes a valuable book depends on many factors.

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I have several first edition books and they certainly are not valuable. However, a first edition of Earnest Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast", is a different story.

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I know this is a valuable book, "if" it is the original. If not, it's a $10 book probably. It's "The Day The Cowboys Quit, by Elmer Kelton.

Page says: "Copyright1972 by Ekmer Kelton
All Rights Reserved
Printed in the United States of America".
Attached is a picture of the book in the Jacket. The book itself is a black hardback. Use the same link to see the other picture "cowboys-1", etc.

The jacket itself does say it's a book club edition, but a few folks thought it was original. It's simply a matter of money to me. I rarely read fiction.

Thanks, everyone.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jim's Page

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Plain black binding is almost always a book club edition, but this book is described at a book site as "Hardcover, black cloth with white titles"

For a first edition, the publisher should be listed as "Doubleday" with print date of 1971.

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Page before the copyright page says the title and author.
Below that it says: "doubleday & company inc
garden city, new york".

I didn't capitalize because that was the way it was printed in the book.

The title and author on the outside spine is in gold, not white.

Thanks a lot.


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Your book is available on line signed by the author for around $50.00. Kelton was a dyed in the wool Texan.

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