Finally found a different place!

ihatenoiseSeptember 3, 2007

Its on an upper with no immature noise making redneck hillbilly losers. On another note, i left my landlord my 30 day notice on the machine, resulting in a call back later...and much to say i was not impressed with the BS i was getting fed. Saying i was the problem and blah blah and you aint gonna find a place any cheaper and crap like that, and supposedly the noisemakers upstairs are supposedly buying the place up, im not believing that one, one hasnt worked for 9 months now, and the other one has bounced from one job to another, i feel sorry for the next ppl that end up down where i am, i wouldnt want them having a key to get in my place! Oh and then he tryed to peg me for going and turning the lights on down in the basement. Its like umm thats on our electric box, I would wanna do that WHY??. Hes been so inconsistent with his stories that it has caught up with him. So anyways that must of been why it was bad in july and august and now it seems like its still going, to be in september. Yeah If you change your mind, because im going to talk with them, yeah sure you will. So I was on the phone for like 1 hour and 10 minutes, Finally got him put back in his place. Mom taught me well, got dirt use it! He sure thought he was going to keep us here after that attitude.

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Do you have a lease? Is your lease up?

If not, if I were you, I would send a notarized, certified, return reciept letter with the 30 day notice.

As things stand your only proof of the 30 day notice is the phone. You can say the conversation happened, your landlord can say it never happened.

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Never had a lease here.

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Which means, then, that you are month-to-month. Your state may still require written notice, so given the bad blood, etc., I'd write the letter anyway, so you have proof.

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