Any real photos of the Thermador or GE Mirror Finish INDUCTION?

2LittleFishiesJanuary 11, 2012

I only can find stock photos and would love to see more real pics of these tops as well as any thoughts on how they look, function, and if they scratch/wear more easily than the black tops....

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Do a google search for Thermador Induction Cooktop.
Choose Images, then choose large.
There are several kitchens with the Thermador Cooktop.
Also do a google search for reviews of that cooktop.
I'm not sure it is a current model and available, anymore.

Then do the same for GE.


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Don't have real photos or experience with function, scratching, etc. but I've seen the Thermador in real life and it is gorgeous (IMHO). If I was doing induction and had lots of $$ to spend I'd get it just to look at it!

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In some pics it looks very silver and others more gold tone?

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That's because the mirror finish reads silver and the induction rings are gold (the big hob on the 36" kind of looks a bit like an old-time record album, if the record were silver and gold). Don't know where you are, but perhaps you could call around to kitchen appliance places to see if someone has one so you can see it? I am dealing with the same type of dilemma but with a new Bertazzoni cooktop -- induction/gas combo -- looks nice in pictures, but I sure wish I could see it in real life!

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2littlefishies: I was out and about today looking at appliances (again!), and came across the Thermador Mirror finish 36" cooktop twice, so was able to get a good look. I didn't take a picture because I don't think a picture would have helped much. So, the unit does appear both silver and gold. There is gold not only in the rings of the hobs, but also in the background of the mirror finish -- it's actually a bit patterned all over with only the edges being solid mirror finish. In addition, one of the units was sitting on top of a countertop waiting installation and had been obviously handled a bit -- no scratches, but lots of fingerprints, dirt. It occurred to me that one (like me who would be driven crazy by the fingerprints) might find themselves breaking out the windex (or appropriate product) quite a bit to clean and shine the cooktop. Don't know if any of this helps...

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RMSAustin- Wow! Thanks so much for the info! I don't think I'm going to like the Thermador from what I am hearing. I also don't like the framed controls on it.
I also don't like fingerprints and now that you bring it up I wonder how the black tops on the Miele and others are with that?

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2LittleFishies, we have the 36' Thermador induction with mirror finish. I have linked to my finished kitchen thread below; near the bottom are a couple of close-up glimpses of the cooktop.

My eye doesn't pick up any gold at all in the cooktop, just silver. In over a year of heavy use (we cook alot) there are no scratches and, honestly, fingerprints are left behind on the numbers on the control panel and nowhere else. Any specific questions, feel free to ask!

Here is a link that might be useful: THynes' Finished Kitchen

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Thanks, thynes! Your kitchen is great!

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I finally got to see both today and love them both! I see definite gold. They are warm to me- not silver like stainless. I will attach photos later for any of you interested : )

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Here is the Thermador. It is the 30" Current 2012 model. Shown next to "my" Vermont Danby Marble.

You can see the circles are more reflective than the surrounding area...

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And here is the GE Monogram 36". NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE CURRENT MODEL. The new model does NOT have the stainless border around it at all. I included pics from their website. It looks totally frameless but I wonder if there 's a edge like the Miele so things don't run off of it?
OH, you can also see that unlike the Thermador the whole thing has the same texture/reflection. (The Thermador's hobs are more reflective than the surrounding areas...)

Here are the photos from their site of the current model...

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The new model GE doesn't have any edge. I've only seen the black one.

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lee- so you're saying liquid would run off of it and not "catch" on anything?

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Thanks for the photos!!!

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So those who have had the Thermador with mirror finish for do you like it as to cleanup, scratching, etc.?

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I've only had my Thermador CIT365GM a few months. It's wonderful so far! No scratches or anything : )

I should mention that on the Thermador site the mirrored one now has a different model number (KM) and based on below may look different than the one I have and that I posted photos of above. I have a feeling the new mirrored finish is more silver. Mine has a bit of a gold look to it (which I like b/c it matches my marble)

* New, redesigned Silver Mirrored Finish-- striking and bold design offers the perfect companion solution for stainless steel products. (CIT365KM)

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