self leveling floor mixture

rosscoe49April 19, 2007

Do self leveling floor mixtures work? This would be on a concrete floor in a basement. Is it strong ? Does it crumble at edges? How thick can it be? Any input would be great. Thanks

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I've only used it once and that was to fill the score lines on the basement floor to then tile over. It mixes quite fluid-like, then levels itself and hardens. It was plenty hard for this application. If you are filling cracks though, sweep them full with silca sand daily for several days before pouring the mixture or the concrete will flow out.

Any other particulars regarding thickness or suitability are most likely covered on the packaging.

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My contractor used it to level my basement floor(15'x25') before he put down the ceramic tile When it dried it looked like fresh concerete. My house is 53yrs old so the original basement floor had cracks and was uneven from the house settling over the years.

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