Living in the 7th circle of Hell!

Bababooey18September 27, 2005

My apartment complex had been fairly good in the last 8 years here. We'd gotten a new property manager about 7 month ago and the place has gone downhill ever since.

Half of the washers and dryers are broken and had been so for the last 4 months. And every month when I bring my rent check (3 days early, just in case some of you are wondering), her excuse is "the vendors were supposed to be here yesterday, I'll call them today". I think she's a direct descendent of Wimpy.

She cut the cleaning crew down to about once a week. And the Southwest corner of our court where no sun shines is flooded from sprinkler water and cannot drain. We have standing water where mosquitos breed (West Nile, anyone?).

Riddle me this: There's a mailslot in the office door for people who can't hand-deliver the rent check in the weekdays because they work and since the office isn't open on the weekends. She's had the mailslot moved to more than six feet high on the door. I'm one of the few people tall enough to reach it.

There's more, but there's only so much space on the website to cover it all. San Diego's getting the shaft on housing (median price: $650,000). 'Nuff said about moving.

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Could it be that this manager is allowing services etc. to run down on purpose? With the high price of land in SD and CA in general, the property could be worth more than the monthly rents.

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Happened to me and it was on purpose. If a tenant leaves, they can work full time on remodeling for going condo, or just move in short timers until they do a tear down

In most cases it is a business and tenants are often in the way, especially when property is getting ready for sale. With some major exceptions (I had a dear, saintly landlord who was also a major builder who I am sure is an angel now) tenants are expendable. Get rid of you, rent to someone else.

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Find out who the OWNERS are and write them a letter ... include pictures of the problems.

It's possible that the new "manager" is cutting back on services and pocketing the difference.

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