Waterford Identification

jesse_2008March 26, 2012

Can anyone please help out with the pattern . This is a Waterford Crystal stem ware. I have searched the web with no luck. Please I need y'alls help also maybe a year would narrow down the search. Thanks in advance.

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Is it signed?
Can you show a better picture.
A year won't do much as many of the Waterford patterns were produced for many many years.
Perhaps if you emailed a picture to a site such as this they can I D it....but you will have to have a better picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: waterford collections.

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Hopefully this is a better shot. After further research I found a similar design on re-placements.com It looks to be the millennium design. Just wondering is the price they have is it for each goblet or is it for a set?

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It is one of the millenium designs. They have it listed at $99 per glass. You may get half that is you decide to sell.

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I have found that if you use Replacements to find what they're selling an item for, realistically you'll often get 1/3 of that amount, 1/2 if you hit the right buyer.

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Would I have to make my own web page? any suggestions would be great. Oh yeah the goblets have the Waterford mark on the base of the goblet. Thanks

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You can email Replacements. They will make an offer and if you accept you send the glasses and they send you money.
Likely they will offer you about $30 a glass......you might get more advertising in your local penny saver.
Linda C

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