trash cans...r deadly weapons?

diydanaSeptember 21, 2003

Our condo president sent out letters stating trash cans not allowed outside for trash pick up ever. They claim that cans are potentially deadly missles etc.... if one blows into the street and a car hits it they could kill some one and we would all be sued.


Any one else been told this b-4?

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"trash cans not allowed outside for trash pick up ever"

How is the trash going to get to the trucks? Pres wants you to dump the trash in piles on the curb for pickup? And does Pres have the authority to impose regs, or is pres just reminding you of a condo reg that is being ignored?

Look at the physics: force = mass x velocity (force = weight x speed). How fast does a CAR have to be going before it can propel an EMPTY trash can through the air hard enough to kill someone? Perhaps speeding cars are a problem in your neighborhood, but they are more likely to smash the can than turn it into a flying deadly weapon.

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"How is the trash going to get to the trucks? Pres wants you to dump the trash in piles on the curb for pickup?"

Probably they want the residents to use BAGS.

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there is no condo rule I found out...president just trying to strong arm us I guesss. I called BFI (trash pick-up) they said condo boards cannot stop can usage of cans or placement. btw...they sent out a letter telling us we had to pile up all trash in one area. BFI and the city hall said by law when you walk out of your front door you can place your trash bags or cans in a direct line from your front door or by the mailbox. Seems like they had this stupid trash problem b-4.
How petty...trash wars!

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Remember that should the condo association be sued, you wil be part of the suit.

and remember also that a city law does NOT override a condo law. The condo is allowed to be more restrictive about WHERE you put your trash. Of course they are entitled to tell you not to put your trash right outside your front door, but instead to put it in the trash area! The condo association essentially is your landlord. If you don't want a landlord telling you what to do, don't live in a condo.

(hey, if I lived in your condo, I'd want everyone to use a single area instead of dotting the complex w/ people's trash bags)

Neither the trash pickup company nor the city have anything to say about this situation at all. It doesn't matter what they say.

The condo association is free to be more restrictive than the city. Should they be LESS restrictive than the city, the city would win (e.g., they allow you to play your music really loud; city ordinance does not; city ordinance wins.)

Condo rules determine everything. I'd say, go w/ the condo president; you won't do yourself any favors by looking like the person out to prove a point.

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I disagree that condo laws necessarily trump city laws. If the city has a life-safety rule stating that trash cans are required (as does my city, the reasons being that vermin can break into bags and feed, and dogs and possums and sloths can break open bags and scatter things around, allowing vermin more access), then that is more restrictive than a condo ordinance, and your association and/or the owners could be cited for violations.

The difference between a condo association and a landlord is that landlords are just that, they call the rules. Condo owners are represented in their association, and can vote together to change foolish rules like this one (which, as you have discovered, has no binding authority).

Keep the cans out of the street and if anyone is injured, the driver driving off the street is the culpable party.

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Well one thing for certain is...we put out our trash bags on the tree lawn in front of our condo in a direct line..nice and orderly. We place two cans around the corner by the firehydrants in a area were most ppl pile up the trash as well. This area is beer, pizza and assorted crap thrown in a huge pile with no rhyme or reason. Most ppl throw out kmart-ish plastic bags...not even trash bags. BTW there is a law that states what bags are allowed...kmart bags are not on the can do list. These garbage men work their arses off...picking up the empty milk jugs and pop bottles that ppl throw out. I do not want that job...ppl are slobs.

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spewey, I did try to say that the more restrictive law/rule wins.

Also, just a caution to condo owners: the condo rules are INDEED binding, and the condo board or association would have the authority to impose punishment if you break them. They can legally fine you, and can in some cases (if their rules are written in such as way as to allow it) legally seize your home if you don't pay the fine. Or they can force you to sell to someone else, even if you don't want to.

So follow those condo rules, even if you think they're stupid. If you REALLY think they're stupid, bring it before the board (respectfully, please); the folks on the board may have an explanation that surprises you. If you don't like what you hear, and you can't persuade them, run for election and serve on the board.

Diydana, I wonder if what your condo president is trying to say (without actually saying it) is:
"you guys are such slobs w/ you garbage; if you use cans, you'll just leave them there all day and they'll roll around and look messy and clonk into people's cars, so don't use them."

Do you think people who will put out their non-legal trash bags that aren't tied well enough to keep the trash in it are the sort of people that will take the cans back in promptly when the trash guys are done with it?

You said it yourself: ppl are slobs. YOU may be tidy, but you have proof positive other people are not. Condo rules are made for the lowest element. Unfort. us reasonable people will have to follow them too.

Because if you get an exception, those slobby people are going to assume (or even demand) that they get an exception too, and it'll make the condo association's job harder if it ever has to move in to enforce something.

Serving on the condo board is a royal pain in the patootie--there's another job you probably don't want. Give the poor guy a break, be a good tenant/owner, and put your garbage where he asks. Is it that hard?

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Our condo president is a %&**#@!
She screams at ppl and whines til she gets her way.She has no P.R. skills.If one condo does wrong she sends out nasty letters to all 51 condos... saying this is not the slums of Cleveland and adds in threats. She is a meany. The problem is no one else wants her job.
BTW... We got a letter yesterday stating the treasurer stole 27,000 these past few months and now the condo board is suing. Nice eh?
I will fight for my right to put out cans. The condo board said it's true there is no condo law against cans.
Oh yeah...there is a 1973 bi-law that says no work trucks or cars/trucks with biz. names on them allowed. They recently changed this law and they allow ppl with company vehicles to park in the parking lot.
Some rules are stupid and need to be over turned.
Only problem is one mans smart/good law is anothers man stupid law...who is the judge.

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uh- you have two choices.

one is to move- there is NO advantage, in my mind, to condo life - once one is out of collge, one should have the personal skills to care for a house, and meet people.

the other is do take the job that no one's a firm belief of mine that those who aren't involved in the meetings don't GET to complain about what is decided there- and I have sat on more than my fair share of stupid boards over the years for just that reason.

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