Miele G5575 Dishwasher Questions

karenlee56January 26, 2013

This is an offshoot of my original post about my new Miele. Can anyone who has the Dimension G5575xxxx or similar, or knows about Miele dishwashers please answer a few questions? I have only used this DW once so far. The answers are not in the book.

* The control panel's narrow rectangular readout screen on the top left door can show programming, time left, what stage of the cycle the DW is in, etc. Is it possible that the screen of the display shuts off when the DW door is closed and the DW is running?? The only way that I was able to get the display to turn back on to get time & cycle information was when I opened the door. Is this normal? If so, boo hoo!! (my other DW showed this info all the time)

* Is the top adjustable cutlery rack removable? Not a big deal, but it would be nice to take the rack to the silverware drawer.


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I am going to answer my own questions!

After speaking with Miele, I found out that the readout display on the top of the door does NOT stay on when the door is closed. I'm really surprised by that since my GE Profile had that feature. So, the door needs to be opened in order for the display to come on, which tells at which part of the cycle it is along with how many minutes are left in the cycle.

Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to remove the silverware rack that I can see.

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The display on our Bosch shut off as well when the door was closed. It did have a second, larger display on its front, though. Some dishwashers will even project a timer onto the floor.

The cutlery tray is easily removed. Just undo the two white stoppers that keep the rack from falling out when fully extended. You kinda have to squeeze them to get the white hooks to come out of the stainless tracks. Makes sense?

Here is a picture from an old thread by Fauguy. I'm talking about the red encircled things.


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Yeah. The older model La Perla did have two removable sections on the cutlery tray that could come out, but on my Diamante Plus it does not have that. As in the picture above, I'd have to remove the tabs if I wanted to take it out. But since the silverware drawer is opposite the dishwasher, I'd have no need to remove it.

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I fail to see how the display turning off makes any difference? How are you supposed to see it with the door closed anyway, and what is it going to tell you that you don't already know?

The red light projected on the underside of the countertop an through the panel gap tells you it's running / finished / or has a fault.

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Xedos...believe it or not I was able to see the time read out on my GE Profile just fine. There was probably a quarter inch of space or whatever at the top and it was enough for me to poke my head under a bit to see how much longer it had to go. It just gave me an idea of whether I should wait for it to finish and unload it before I went to bed or if I should just let it go and unload it in the morning. Also, if it was a holiday and I was doing multiple loads in one day, it was always helpful to know just how much time was left. Guess I got used to that convenience.

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