Do you 'live' or 'stay' in your apartment?

TufadudeSeptember 25, 2003

The complex that I live in has 2 kinds of people.

Those that Live there and those that just Stay there.

It seems that the ones that Live there take the time to decorate outside their door, plant flowers, xmas and halloween decorations. They are nicer to talk to. Tend to respect their neighbors more. Don't cause a large amount of noise. They also usually rent for a longer time.

While those that just Stay there tend to do the opposite.

Make a lot of noise, throw trash everywhere, run up and down the stairs. All of the typical bad neighbor stuff.

So, which are you? Do you Live there or just Stay there?

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Ha! So true. You hit the nail on the head.
Make a lot of noise, throw trash everywhere, run up and down the stairs. All of the typical bad neighbor stuff.
I do bet there are plenty of stay there ppl that are nice too. Perhaps this is the work week apt or lovers place.
I am a live in there gal.

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Well... I'm just staying here while my house is getting finished, but I promise I'm not acting poorly!

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I am just staying at my current apartment as well. We've been living in this condo complex for a while...about 8 years. Well, DH was living here first, then I moved in 6-1/2 years ago.

Since a lot of the condo units have been rented out by private owners, we've seen all types of people go in and out. It seems to be quite a transient place in that tenants are constantly moving in and out.

We've also noticed that it's been getting worse and worse. In the mornings, we see empty beer bottles just littering the parking lot. There's been dog crap in the common mail room floor. Since our unit faces the pool and spa, we hear all the sounds that the people make. Lately, they've been bringing their boomboxes with them to play while they're in the spa at night till about midnight. We've also been noticing shoes just sitting outside. The latest is complaints of clothes being stolen in our laundry room and people sneaking in from the complex across the street to use our machines because it's cheaper.

We only have a security guard at night. He doesn't do anything, except for take notes on which cars have been parked longer than 24 hours in a guest spot so that they will be towed the following morning. I've seen him sleep on the job when we got in late one night. One other time, we got home at around 3:30am and found someone parked in our spot. We told the security guard about it and he didn't want to call the towing company. He told us that we had to do it. (???)

Despite all this, we make it a priority not to put ourselves in the same category as the tenants that annoy us. I can't wait for our house to be finished. I am soooo done with apartment living amongst inconsiderate people.

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Well, we are "staying" in our apt at least until next year when we plan to move into a house. However, we do think upkeep is important! We've had several people move in and out of the apt above us (we are on ground floor). Some went as far as to throw their cig butts and spit off their balcony (and onto ours) and make noise until the 1am on a week night while others seemed a lot more "calm". It think it all depends on the type of ppl they are as to how they treat their "borrowed" surroundings.

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This is the 42nd place I've lived in and I've lived here twenty years! You'd have to get me out with a crow bar! I remember the day I walked into the building. It smelled and felt like a European building! I knew I was home when I walked into the apartment. Sunlight was streaming in through the windows and I could see Golden Gate park across the road - my new front garden. I imagine I will leave here feet first! I have a really mean landlord, who is turning the place into a slum! He still hasn't repaired the earthquake damage from 1989. In February of 2003 the hinge on my kitchen window broke and the thing is hanging on by a thread! I had to nail a piece of perspex to the inside. I mentioned that he would have a law suit on his hands should it fall on some innocent passerby, but my words fell on deaf ears!

Still, I love my roof garden, which is between my building and the neighbouring one on the roof of our garages. I've been creating that for a number of years. I've had mice and then rats out there. They destroyed at least twenty plants. I've learned a lot battling them, the slugs and the icy Alaskan winds which whoosh through the space as if it were a chimney!

This is the first place I've ever felt at home. I've been reading the postings about painting, because I'm reconciled to doing it myself. There are landlords who are noble and landlords that are scum. The scum buy a building thinking that all the money goes down a one way street to their bank account. Whenever I ask my scum to do any work he either threatens me or appeals to my better nature by moaning about his lack of money. Sometimes I feel brave and confront him, most of the time I'm a cowardly Norman and hide until he has left the building!

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Ugh. We "stay". But we are, I believe, some of those nice ones. It is clear that we just "stay" from one look at the clutter and boxes in our apartment. I never would have moved all that stuff in there, and left it stacked and boxed and all that, if I thought we'd be there as long as we have. We have clearly not invested in "living" there. Definitely no holiday decorating happening there.

Of the others who just "stay" in our building, we have reached a new low with our next-door neighbors - pretty trashy couple, not married, expecting a newborn any minute (oh joy for that day), fight every night/morning, depending on what time he comes home, always leave their stinky garbage in the hall overnight (and well into the morning). They really motivate us to get our house done and move into it! I might be willing to live with all kinds of unfinished things once that baby shows up. Hopefully they will move again soon like everyone else...

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Interesting question. I do live in an apartment and would never consider intentionally creating ill feelings even though I'm moving out in two years (or less).

I also disbelieve people who are transient are inherently disrespectful of people who "live there". I have moved many times over the course of the last nine years - all apartments - and I left on good terms with everyone. (I think it more a state of mind how to treat people than a actual living circumstance.)

Conversely, I have seen people who live in neighborhood of houses wage absolute war on one another. There are a lot of unhappy people living in close proximity to one another whether it be in an apartment building, a condo, or houses on Main Street.


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