nflliferSeptember 14, 2006

Many landlord tenant issues are legal matters and attorneys are great resorces. There is something called pre-paid legal. You pay monthly dues and basically can call an attorney without having to pay for their time. DUI's and Divorce do not apply. If you need leagle representation they offer you substantial discounts but still charge fees.

I do not sell their product but have purchased it since 1997. They have written up my will and revise it every year. They have given me lots of answers to tenant questions and looked over my lease.

Just thought some may want to know. Not trying to advertise as I don't sell but wanted to inform.

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Ummm... for free you can call a lawyer and get free advise.

Unless you are someone who gets into trouble and needs a lawyer regularly, this is a waste of money.

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Well its not really free... I pay my monthly dues. Its like insurance.... You never know if you need an attorney.

The last time I was in any sort of trouble was fall of 1996 (speeding ticket) Since being a member in 1997 I have called them 15-20 times. My questions have been mostly about rental disputes. I was managing a upstairs condo for a friend and the association said I was breaking the rules by alowing a child to live on the second floor. It was even in their by-laws but I knew it was discrimination. They even had the attorney that drew up the rules call me direct. I argued with him and had my attorneys write them a letter. Last I heard on the issue.

The drawing up of a will and changing it as my life changes more than pays my dues.

In Europe its as common as car insurance here. I could care less if anyone gets it or not. Just wanted to inform people its out there.

Its also about the same cost as renters insurance. Next to nothing.

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