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taraleeSeptember 4, 2003

I'm trying to decide if I should be annoyed by this or not -- if any of you remember me from the old forum, I've had some really awful neighbors in the past, and so am sort of scarred by apartment living ;) Here's the current problem: My next-door neighbors have a dog. They leave their windows open at night. In the morning, when other people are out exercising or walking their dogs, my neighbor's dog will bark. It's usually around 8am, but sometimes as early as 6am. They also leave their patio door open regularly during the day, and the dog will be out on it, barking at people (and at me, if I go on my patio).

I've complained to the office once already, and they said they'd talk to the people. I'm gunshy about talking to my neighbors myself, due to past experiences in other complexes, and I figure that's what the office is for -- to take care of the problem. The thing is, it's not constant barking -- it's usually 3 to 4 sharp barks as someone walks in front of the neighbor's patio, and that's it. But at 6 - 9am in the morning, it's enough to wake you up. And it gets annoying in the afternoon, to hear a few barks every 10 minutes or so. I'm not sure how hard I should push this, though, or if I'm being too sensitive.

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If it bothers you I would push the issue. Why should you suffer. I would push it.
Good Luck!

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When the dog is out maybe you could blow a dog whistle when he is yapping at all who walk by. Or get a big ol' box of bones and sling shot one to him when he barks on the deck.
Also quarters in can....when dog barks outside shake the hell out of the can real quick...may break the habit if you do it every time for a while... lastly tell the dog no bark....or like I have the door and scream at the top of your lungs SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
Maybe the neighbors will GET it.
Could you send them a non threating letter saying the neighbors are talking and your dog SUCKS. Do not sign it tho.... or send a fake laywer letter from a fake firm 100 miles away...maybe it will scare them. Around here I call the cops and they hush up the dog.

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I think that is normal if a dog barks when someone passes. At 6 a.m. though? I think they should close the blinds so the dog can't see outside. Isn't it waking the dog owner up? Did they just move in? Usually dogs get used to the usual things that occur everyday. The same people pass by and they won't bark anymore because it is not a threatening situation (so they think in their minds:) once they get used to it. As far as barking at people during the day, if it is only 4 short barks, let it go. That is normal protection and alerting you someone is around. It may stop once he is used to it. Or you could have a chronic barker on your hands but they usually bark constantly. I'm sorry you have to go through this but maybe talk to them about it. Lauren

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I think the key may be that they're leaving the windows open. I've noticed this with my dog - the only time she barked during the winter was if someone rang the bell or someone was standing directly outside my door. WHen I started opening the windows in the spring and summer, all of a sudden it seemed like she was barking constantly. She started barking at people across the street. Something about the window being open - I guess everything is louder and to her, seems closer and more threatening?

Maybe you could ask if they would close the window in the room the dog stays in most of the time?


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how long has it been going on? If you're lucky, maybe you'll get used to it and it'll seem to be background noise.

Not everyone can do this. But sometimes, if I know what is making the sound and why (neighbor's dog barking again), my brain tunes it out. I don't even register.

This is a crucial survival skill--the abiity to block stimulus from registering on a conscious level--for living in NYC. Hey, I've had people apologize for bumping into me on the subway, and I cld't figure out why they were saying "I'm sorry."

Good luck!

Oh, and I know about being gun-shy, and don't blame you. But maybe you could ask the office what the people are like; maybe they folks there would have a clue that your neighbors were nice people you could talk to (or that you couldn't!)

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That's bad as a horn blower in the morning who comes by for his rider.The rider should be outside and waiting.To hear a horn the same time every morning is hell when you have at least two more hours of sleep.People should respect other people feelings.That's why people go off and start killing.They have come to the end of their ropes.

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I'm happy to report that I contacted the office a second time a couple of weeks ago with a written letter this time, with detailed dates when we had been woken up. They contacted the neighbors, reminded them of the rules of the pet agreement, and for the past two weeks, it's been amazingly quiet! The office even sent us a letter acknowledging receipt of our letter, and telling us to please let them know if the barking starts up again. I'm very pleased with their response and the way the office handled it...this is the first time that I've lived in an apartment where they actually took a complaint seriously!

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It's always good to hear when the management office actually does their job.

The management office in my complex has a totally hands off approach. They don't want to tell the occupants that there's a problem. They want the occupants to take it upon themselves to tell eachother. For example, if someone is parking in your assigned spot, they and the security would tell YOU to call the tow truck company, not them.

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how about a follow-up note telling the office that things are better, thanking them for their proactive work, and asking them to pass on your thanks to the neighbor?

Always a good idea to provide some positive reinforcement!

Great that it's working out!

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