basement floor resurfacing

angelhairApril 17, 2006

I recently pulled up old wall to wall in my walkout basement. Under the carpet, I found old lanolium tiles. I chizzled them up one at a time. Does anyone out there have any sanding suggestions to prep the floor myself? I have a slightly pitted floor surface now with square ghosts of the tile adhesive. Home Depot wanted over 2,000.00 to prep and put down a 3 layer epozy finish that looks just like granite. . . .I beginning to pull my hair out !!! any suggestions ?????? . . .angelhair

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How old is the house? If the old tiles were the typical 9"x9" square tiles, they may possibly contain asbestos. In any case you'd want to remove the old adhesive (the solvent can be caustic), fill any pitted spots, make sure the floor is rinsed clean of all residue & dry, and apply the epoxy finish according to instructions. Not surprised they would charge $2,000 for this, but you can DIY if you do your homework and are comfortable with the work involved. We did a small garage floor, it was more work & took longer than we imagined, although we were pleased with the results.

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First of all...Home Depot is a store, not a floor contractor. All they are doing is taking a percentage to pass your name to a floor contractor. Avoid feeding this giant if you can.

I frequent a garage forum and they talk all day long about concrete prep and epoxy coatings. I think in this case they'd steer you toward renting a floor sanding machine and some rough grit discs and going after it with that. You can see if this would work by taking some 80 grit sandpaper by hand and see if you like the results.

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uncledave, my home was built it the early sixties. The basement floor is level. I had the square tiles checked out before removing them, and they were not asbestos tiles.
I am concerned about using chemical solvents because I do not want to harm my pets. So, I should start the process with perhaps washing the floor, crack afew windows open and let it dry over night? . . . Pick up some sandpaper, and if I can find one, I should probubly rent a sander and give the entire floor a good once over. I should vacuum up all dust particles with my industrial vac. Where is the best place to inquire about filling in the slightly uneven ruts,(they are not deep),either to do myself or hire someone.
logicalone, your advice is also very much appreciated. What garage floor forum do you visit regularly ? My knees are bad, and my siatic won't let me do this whole room (approx. 14 x 30) myself. Somethings are worth having done for me...Do you think I need to have a contractor come in and skim coat a thin new layer of concrete? I would love to hear all of your opinions..thank you both for your advice , , , angelhair

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I recently had to replace my furnace because it was filling up with water and leaking out onto the basement floor. The water was loaded with rust and after using the wet/dry vac, The rust residue remains. I am looking for suggestions on ways to remove that residue. My basement floor is concrete and gray in color. I am also looking for different ways to remodel.

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