Help wording Breakfront CL listing? pic heavy

DLM2000March 20, 2010

I made a Craigslist purchase that I now need to turn around and re-list - it's not working for me. The original listing read:

Retro Classic Hutch China Cabinet

I can do better than that, hopefully. The people I bought it from knew nothing about it, bought it from a local 'antique' store. There is a metal tag on the back that reads Scholle's Chicago and I found the following online but really think it's meaningless in terms of this piece:

"Scholle's of Chicago is the successor firm of a partnership formed in 1869 between John Colby and Jacob Wirts. In 1879 Colby bought out Wirts who then teamed up with Henry E. Scholle, a cabinetmaker from Cincinnati, to form Wirts & Scholle. This company was primarily a furniture dealer but it did manufacture some upholstered goods and also made Williams patent beds. In the 1880s they furnished the mayor's dining room. I do not know the modern history of the company after that but it is not listed in the manufacturers directory published in 1929."

Anyway...... I'm thinking this piece is probably late 40's but that's just my guess. It's certainly not antique in the strict sense, but what I consider vintage. I cleaned it up and it looks much better. Unfortunately the upper cabinet has been wallpapered and those shelves painted. The paper could be stripped but I'm betting there's paint underneath and I don't really want to get into that - just want to re-list it and get it out.

Can you help me with a few descriptive terms for the glass door grills - is that design anything specific? The lower doors have the nice banding - it doesn't look like satinwood to me so what could it be? Or does it matter? Anything else you can think of?

Thanks for your help - Deb

Here it is

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How about "Vintage mahogany china cabinet. Clean lined styling with lovely veneer inlay on the lower doors and classic fret work on the glassed upper doors. Painted and papered inside to show off your china and glass to it's best advantage. A classic piece for a classic and classy home."
Or you could say.."Wow! Terrific wood cabinet for your diningroom! Wow! Wow! Check it out!"...LOL!
Linda C

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Linda - aren't some of those CL ads a stitch?! So you think it's mahogany? I though mahogany grain was much smaller, tighter and even but I'm far from an expert. Fretwork - perfect! And that clean lined styling was part of the initial attraction for me so I do want to mention that for sure. Thanks for your help - again!

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*** Look! Rare! Amazing Antieqe! Buffet Hutch China Armwar *** $1

Just kidding --

Looks like a lovely piece, and I like Linda's description. Even though it's probably not technically an antique, I'd use 'the A word' since it's much closer than most 'antiques' on Craigslist, and would appeal to the buyers who are looking for antiques. For truth in advertising, I'd list your suspected 1940's vintage, the maker, and comments on condition.

Too bad you're not near me -- I'm looking for a piece like that for towels and toiletries in our master bath.

How much were you planning on asking?

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Fori is not pleased

Mention if it comes into two pieces for transport.

I like it too.

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No it doesn't come apart. I'll ask $125 - worth driving for? LOL!

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I would think $125 is a huge bargain!! Really....

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Linda can you believe that's over double what I paid - which is why I called on it the second I saw the ad and made arrangements to pick up immediately. I knew if it didn't work here I could clean it up a bit and easily make a little more. First time I've ever done that! Last week I sold our futon, and freezer, today I sold a 50's chest of drawers - or in CL lingo 'chester draws' - cleaning out the excess with Craigslist.

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Maybe you better keep it! For that put it into the basement and store flower pots in it...

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Shame on you Linda - cut that out! I do NOT need anyone enabling me - I can manage that all by myself, thank you very much! My decorative paints, brushes, craft things etc are stored in a basement studio in tall, old metal cabinets - the kind with the rounded corners. One is a glass door hutch with enamel work surface, probably an old kitchen piece. This whole Craigslist dance right now is for clearing out stuff, not acquiring more since I have an attic full that I'm trying to pare down. But I am in the market for a tall, narrow piece for my dining room. This one isn't narrow enough unfortunately. It was worth a try but looks crammed in where I need it to sit.

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It's basically George IV/ Regency style.

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Thanks Casey - I'm assuming the emphasis is heavy on the 'basically' ! ;-)

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You're pricing it way too low!
I'd easily go $250 if it's in good structural condition. Maybe add a key tassel to one of the upper knobs to dress it up a bit?
And in your listing, use different photos from the ones the original listing was done with.

(You're not in easy driving distance to Houston, are you?)

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sweeby I'm Chicago northern suburbs - feel like a road trip? The picture above are all from my house, not the originals. Are you saying they should be changed?

These were the two on CL that I saw

Then I asked for more and he emailed these to me. I'm hoping mine look quite a bit better but if you think I'm missing something let me know!

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Hang the tassels, put a plant on the top so that it hangs a bit down one side....put more pretty/fancy stuff in it to cover the ugly wall paper....and ask $250.
I think calling it "Regency" is a huge stretch....about the only thing really Regency is the fret work....
Call it "traditional" and no one can argue!

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Your pictures are much better -- quite nice, really. I was just thinking that you don't want someone recognizing the cabinet you paid $50 for popping up at $250...

Chicago's a heck of a road trip, and I don't need it for a while, so I guess I'll keep looking locally.
But I don't think you'll have any trouble getting the higher price --

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I think it would also fill the bill as a bookcase. It's unfortunate that the wallpaper lining looks like pegboard in the photographs.
Without that lining, it would read far better.
I'm quite aware that it's a repro, just in the style of Regency, loosely re-interpreted, and not some museum piece. But it has good lines and the woodwork is very nicely carried out.

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