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patty_cakesMarch 3, 2010

I get the Kovel's on-line newsletter, and not too long ago it was mentioned that Oriental antiques were on the 'up-swing'~true or false? I don't remember it mentioning Chinese/Japanese/Korean/others, just Oriental.

Another silly question, is Oriental antiques the same as Asian antiques? ;o)

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I have an old House of Collectibles book & it has Japanese & Chinese stuff in it. I think it pretty much the same but my book is over 20 yrs old. Sometimes they specialize in 1 area like "swords" "old ivory cravings" "netsukes" "nippon china" I think the word Asian is the political correct word for any person from that area of the world. Like lot of Americans were called European-Americans. Indians are now Native Americans etc.

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