Barking Puppy Next Door

Hazel52September 15, 2003

My neighbors, who I don't know well, have bought a puppy (I don't know what breed). I can only assume that they are leaving him alone during the day because he/she barks non stop.

I often work at night and need to sleep during the day so the noise issue is a concern. Yes, pets are allowed in the building and I hope the dog "settles down" as it gets older. But in the meantime what should I do? What can I say to my neighbors that gets my point across but doesn't start a war? I plan to confront them before going to the super or landlord.

Also, am I crazy or should they not be leaving the dog alone in the puppy stage. It's still a baby, right?

I thank you in advance for your responses.


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Ah yes ...this i know. we have a puppy. she goes coo coo when we leave her. Barks and howls like a mad man.
ok..ok.. the good part is.

she stopped.
she no longer acts like a barking mad dog!
and now....
she hated to be in the crate at night sleeping.
she now wants in the crate a lot.
the only problem is now she is ripping apart stuff everytime we leave.
with any luck...this too shall the same for your pup problems.

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Don't wait. Knock on their door and tell them the dog is barking and you need to sleep. Be nice but strong. Wait a couple of days. (Give them time to correct the situation) If it doesn't stop, tell your super to handle the problem. Again give it a few days, if it continues, put it in writing with a time limit to correct the situation. After that seek legal counsel ( there are free services for renters)

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I'd say writing them a note, perhaps, and couch it in terms that indicate you're functioning as an observer on their side. That you're sure they don't know (how could they? they're at work), and that of course they'd want to know so that they can provide for the happiness of their beloved puppy, and maintain the goodwill of their neighbors; no matter where they live now or in the future, they're going to need a dog that doesn't bark while they're away.

Then you can also say that part of why you're mentioning it is that you need to sleep during the day, and the puppy is too loud for you, and please could they do something, for the puppy's sake as well as yours.

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I agree to talk to your neighbors in a way that makes them feel that perhaps they are unaware that their dog is barking all day...and that it affects your sleep (I don't know if you've tried ear plugs or a fan or white noise machine to help block the noise, but some of those devices may help you sleep). Act friendly and you may get a friendly response with them more likely to try to accommodate you and solve the barking problem. However, if for some reason they aren't open to listen to you and don't do anything about the barking dog, or deny that the dog barks all day, one thing you could do is get a witness to the barking or tape record the barking. Look up your local ordinances. Most ordinances don't allow for dogs to bark constantly.

I have to say that not all puppys grow out of barking all day. A lot of dogs bark excessively because they are lonely, bored, or anxious.

Hope you get results and relief soon!

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how is that pup problem?

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My parents had this same problem (and I am having it now as well). There was an article in the newspaper here approximately a year ago about one of the assistant prosecutors in our county who handles all of the barking dog complaints. The article outlines exactly how owners can get in trouble (fines, criminal charges, ect) and what the complaintant should do step-by-step (record the barking dog with a voice or video recorder, keep a log of times and offenses, call police, call prosecutor). My father made a few copies of the article and put one in their neighbors mailbox. The dog quit barking by the next day! The neighbors, who were far from friendly before, won't even give my parents so much as the time of day, but like Mom said, "So what! The dog quit barking, I got what I wanted!"

Apparently one of my current neighbors got a puppy about the same time we moved into our new house (6 weeks ago). All of our other new neighbors were blaming us for the dog. Until, that is, just last week when I was chatting with the lady next door about the dog that wakes me up at 6:00 am every morning. She said, "Isn't that YOUR dog?" We kinda got a kick out of it, I hate it as much as the rest of the neighborhood, but I was getting blamed for it!!! I guess it's time to get a copy of the newspaper article from my Dad...

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pashan, i'd like to know how your parents neighbors were able to quiet their barking dog in ONE day...

that doesn't sound right to me.

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Go to Walmart and get a sound machine. Its about $15. worth every pennny believe me. Made by Conair. Plays any sound you enjoy. Sounds of thunder storms...ocean waves..chipping birds..rain on a roof etc. I have it on all night and is so good in fact that once I didnt hear the fire alarm when it went off. (false alarm - thank goodness) Drowns out car horns..motors running and so on.........U will like it after the trial.
good luck - hope this helps. Rusty

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Puppies usually bark a lot less if they are crated during the day. It might seem cruel, but actually it's a well-established training device that gives the pup a sense of security. Dogs like hanging out under bushes, in caves, and so on -- the plastic or metal travel crates give them a similar feeling of having a place to nest.

If you have a problem with a neighbor, you might want to find out if they are doing anything to train the dog. Most puppies who have clueless owners end up barking, peeing on the rug and chewing things up. The crate method solves all of these problems.

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pashan, i'd like to know how your parents neighbors were able to quiet their barking dog in ONE day...

that doesn't sound right to me.

I haven't the slightest idea how they got the dog to quit barking. Like I said, the neighbors weren't very friendly to start with, and obviously now don't give my family the time of day now. They didn't come over and outline their plan for us.

I suppose that they put the dog in a crate or penned him in the basement instead of in the living room at the front of the house. He barked right out the front window all day. Haven't see him at the front window again. Maybe he's barking at the back of the house now. Frankly we don't care, we can't hear it anymore...

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The people downstairs from me have a dog. The unit faces the pool, so when anyone opens or closes the gate for the pool, does any pool maintenance, or is just having a conversation there, the dog goes NUTS!

I work at home, so I hear the barking on a regular day to day basis. It just turns out today there's a lot of maintenance people on the grounds and the dog is going non-stop. I can usually "block out" the occasional bark, but this is insane!

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I didn't realize this thread was still alive. The puppy next door is a growing Wheaton Terrior and she isn't barking like she used too. I'm dealing with the noise of her scampering across the floor to fetch toys but at least her masters are using soft ones. I did ask them to not encourage her running around after 9:30pm and to not throw bones (Yes, they used to). So, I was lucky that my neighbors are reasonable and willing to try and accomidate me .

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Does anyone know if those devices that emit an inaudible sound to stop dogs barking works for a noisy downstairs apartment. The descriptions only say to put in indoors by the dogs or outdoors on a tree or fence, which in my car is not an option. I wonder if it goes through floors? Anyone know or has used one to stop neighboor's dogs barking. I hear it works great if they are in a yard next to yours.

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