Hello everyone, new to apartment living and having problems

kate_7September 4, 2006

Hi everyone

My name is Kate, I'm 20 years old and live in a 4 storey, 10 year old apartment building in New Brunswick, Canada.

For the past 2 years, I lived in residence at my university. I hated it, needless to say.

My personality = VERY quiet, very subdued, hate noise, not very social, hate parties and alcohol...

Anyway, my residence years were awful. I was miserable. I had to put up with so much noise, so much drinking, partying, yelling, etc...It was bad.

So, in May 2006 I moved into this apartment building with my boyfriend of 3 years.

This building caught our attention because it has 2 specific rules in the lease that caught my eye:

"Noise must be kept at a minimum at ALL times, especially between 11 pm - 8 am."

"There shall be no parties of any kind."

This seemed like my dream apartment. I was told by the gal who lived here before me that they were VERY strict about noise. People had been kicked out for playing loud music and partying.

So, we signed up.

I live on the 3rd floor, so there is someone above me, below me and on either side.

I can always hear the people above me walking around. It is 2 guys. One day they were playing loud music, and I called the landlord. The music stopped but the next day they were immature brats and stomped all over the floor. No problems since, though.

I am learning to live with the footsteps...

Everything else was wonderful. The people around me and across from me were beautifully quiet.

Now. Just a few days ago, was Sept 1. That meant that people moved out and new leasers moved in.

The only people who have stayed are myself and the guys above us (and some other people in the other end of the building)...

So a whole whack of new people have moved in. Unfortunately, they are mostly all university students! This panicked me, because I recognized many of them from residence! Did these people not read the lease and see there is a 'no noise' policy?!

Anyway, 2 girls moved in across from me, but I don't know about either side of me...I haven't seen them, but there are cars outside in their spaces.

When I went out into the hallway earlier, the girls across from me had their door cracked open, and they were squealing and giggling and I could CLEARLY hear it. Granted, when I got back in my apartment and shut the door I could not hear it anymore, but this is not residence...you don't just leave your door open!

So, I know no noise has really "happened yet" but I'm a very anxiety-ridden person and am very stressed out there's going to be loud noise.

Do you think I should go speak to the landlord about my concerns?

I constantly have my fan on and the TV just as "white noise" because even a footstep makes me feel shaky and panicky.

I don't know what to do...I don't want to be in an apartment anymore, but I'm in this for 1 more year! Ugh!

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate this forum!

~ Kate

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Kate, thats a tough problem, being sensitive to noise in a noisy world. One reason people move to the suburbs and buy a house is because its a lot quieter. People buy large properties so that they don't have any possibility of having noisy neighbors.
We are living in an apartment while we remodel our house, and the noise is the biggest difference.
Our apt is in the Los Angeles area. We have a car wash next door thats self serve and limos clean up in the middle of the night,people who wash their cars insist on playing their favorite music and you almost pray for somebody to switch from hip hop to country; some people come off the late shift at 3 a.m. and doors slam, etc.
Its just as bad in Ontario and when we were in Paris there was a shooting next to the hotel. So my point is--its noisy all over unless you want to live in the suburbs or a rural area.
You have a year--start planning where you want to move to and check back to see that it stays the way you want it. In the meantime, you are going to get used to some of the noise. If you continue to feel shaky and panicky I suggest you may want to give some thought to getting counseling. Life is simpler at your age--it gets noisier and more complicated as you get older, especially if you have kids and they have pets, etc. Good luck.

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And don't talk to your landlord about your concerns (because nothing has happened yet) or you will be labeled a complainer and when/if there is actually a problem, you might not be taken seriously.

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Hi Kate

I went to UNB and lived both on and off campus. I really think you should try to sublet your apt. and try to rent a room in a private home, particularly with an elderly widow who would appreciate having a quiet young woman around the house. As long as there are lots of students in tiny apartments, there will be noise.

Since you are a student, you should have access to free counselling if you feel you need it.

Good luck.

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Nothing has happened yet, relax.

Geez girl, Noise happens, and until you can afford the country you have to learn to deal with it. It sounds like you are where you should stay.

You won't find another place where the rules say
"Noise must be kept at a minimum at ALL times, especially between 11 pm - 8 am."
"There shall be no parties of any kind."

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I understand the uneasy shakey feeling the anxiety of footsteps and loud noise bring. I have social anxiety and anxiety disorder. The floors above me are really thin and the people up there sound like elephants. I've lived in several apartments so I knew the noise level of the footsteps was much louder than average and said something casually to management while paying rent and luckily they were very helpful. Now I feel a little bad because the floors are so thin you have to tiptoe just to keep a respectable noise level. Definitely don't say anything to management unless something happens. Don't be demanding either. Keep notes of unacceptable noise and share them with manangement if necessary. Relax a bit and get away from the apartment when possible. If your out shopping you don't hear neighbor noise.

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As a landlord I don't see any problem with talking to your LL now. Make sure you let them know nothing has happened as of yet and the reasons you are worried. I have a tenant that sounds just like you. We had a similar talk when she looked at the place and again when she moved in. Now when showing close units I notify potential tenants that the neighbor really appreciates this quiet building. I have actually had lookers tell me that if it needs to be really quiet the apartment is not for them.

Best of luck!

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My goodness, aren't there any private apartments in other places like there are here? You know, places where maybe there is an office on the first floor and an apartment on the second? Places where there are no other people living? I am noise sensitive as well, and a very light sleeper - it took me only a few times in a typical apartment complex and that was it, I wouldn't live in one now if my life depended on it. You will only make yourself insane trying to control everyone around you. Yes you are entitled to peaceful living, but everyone has a different definition of that, and most landlords really don't care. Find a place where you are the only person living there, it's the only way.

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