exterior waterproofing... worth it?

kcinkc71April 10, 2013

we are about to embark on our tear down/ re build. quick history. Kansas City area, 9' poured concrete walls. drain tile to sump pit, gravel backfill 12" to 18" out from wall. new footers down to virgin soil. We will eventually finish the basement, plan on 2" xps on interior walls (down to footers before slab is poured)

I have asked for exterior waterproofing, not damp proofing. it would be a sprayed on membrane (Impax?) or similar.

worth it or a waste without bubble membrane? Lot has good drainage and downspouts will be buried to daylight downhill, 6" gutters.

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All sprayed-on waterproofing has a limited ability to span cracks, typically 1/16". Some of these products also must be used in conjunction with a specified protection board. If they aren't speced that way, add aDelta MS membrane (or equivalent). In that case, unless there are particular aggravating local conditions, you can forego the sprayed membrane altogether.

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Sonneborn makes a urethane waterproofing that can be sprayed another that can be brushed and another that can be troweled. these are great products. The Delta MS is a great product and in my opinion should be installed in addition to any water proofing product you choose. As to should a spray waterproofing should be applied. I never cut corners on waterproofing and mitigation. Having to correct the problem in the future would be much more costly than any system you can install at the time of construction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Foudation Solutions of Northern Kentucky

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Thanks. I am not sure about aggravating conditions. Concepts are understood about keeping water away from foundation. I have spec'd that I want waterproofing, not just a thin sprayed on coat (for looks mostly). Not saying it is correct, but not much membrane being used in this area.
Is there a spray on product that is justifiable and might actually work? Thanks

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