French door in low walkout basement

chrisgaborApril 10, 2011

I have a low clearance walkout basement. The max height is 89" from concrete to floor joist, minus the double top plate I have the usable height of 84.5". The wall is a 2x6 construction and currently have a 36x80 metal door in place with low height 2x4 header and 2x6 king and jack studs. Would like to put in a standard 72x80 patio door. The wall is load bearing.

I'm not familiar with the load sizing but I'm sure I need at least 2x6 double header. But I don't have enough clearance. What are my options? Could I use some sort of I beam (metal) header?



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Could I use some sort of I beam (metal) header?

Use a correctly-sized steel lintel.

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I'm in a very similiar situation. My basement is 7'.25" from cement to the bottom of the joists. The house is balloon construction, 2x4 wall studs go from the foundation to the roof. Because of the balloon construction, I need an 8' header, but it can't be more than 4" tall. I'm probably going to go with some engineered lumber and rebuild that portion of the wall with the rough-in as a 2x6 wall. #50 from betterheader ( looks like a possibility.

Did you find a solution for a short header? Worthy's suggestion of a steel lintel is the second time I've come across that as a solution, but I haven't found any information on using that with wood construction.


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