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Bryan71September 30, 2004

This concerns apartment/house cleaning...Talking with a friend the other night we were discussing house cleaning procedures and she wanted to know how often I clean. I stated every week but I would be skipping the next two weeks because of a busy schedule. She said that was not good. I do not think with just one person living in a apartment that it will be to bad a job after two weeks to clean. Anyone's opinion/your experience? i know stupid question but..............

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Everyone has a different tolerance for messiness. I live with my husband and two cats, and I only clean every week or so (wiping down counters, scrubbing toilet, sweeping floors), with a "major" cleaning (in which I force him to help) every two or three weeks (major cleaning = mopping floors, changing kitty box rather than just scooping, cleaning out fridge, in addition to my normal weekly tasks). Do things start to get sort of messy looking right before I/we clean? Sure, but we personally don't mind; it's acceptable to us. Compare that to my sister who cleans daily, and can spend an hour just scrubbing at her counters...that's what is comfortable for her. I'd rather spend my time doing more enjoyable things than cleaning. So long as things are relatively tidy, sanitary, and comfortable for you, don't worry about it. Additionally, I find that if you're the type of person that naturally puts things away when you're done with them, and wipes up messes when they happen, that goes a long ways towards keeping your house tidy in general.

If you're concerned about your own tidiness, watch one of those shows like "How Clean is Your House?" I feel like Martha Stewart after watching an episode of that.

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My opinion? Your friend should mind her own business. ;o)

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Thanks to the two opinions...To MJ...she has a good heart but she reminds me of taralee's sister who cleans daily. Taralee...I have watched How Clean is Your House...simply unbelieveable how someone can live like that. I leave my apartment about 7 every weekday and return about 4:15 and in and out on the weekends so I think things will be fine for a couple of weeks. Again..THANKS!

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will it be messier after 2-3 weeks? Yes, but it won't be THAT bad, w/ just one person living there.

but it is also true that not cleaning can allow damage to arise. Ask me how I know!

You might get those Clorox wipes, and at least wipe down the shower stall (mildew) and some other parts of the bathroom. Won't take that long, and those are the biggest places where damage can occur.

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:) hope you're not romantically involved with this friend of yours...

seriously. first, define 'cleaning'... because most of us clean SOMETHING every day. that's how things used to get done in the world...you'd do wash one day and iron the next, do the baking one day and scrub down the kitchen when you were done.

we're both art majors and tend to clutter, so we make it a practice of picking up ONE area every day- last night, I came home and hung up a week's worth of stuff in the closet.

dishes get done several times a week, and the counter gets wiped down every time we cook- takes three minutes, saves elbow grease later.

vacuuming, we should do more often (we both have long hair, and have 'dust spiders' and 'dust centipedes' instead of mere bunnies)

but WTF? that's one friend who wouldn't get invited back, since the place isn't clean enough to suit her- and she didn't offer to help!

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NO! this is just a friendship...(straight female/gay male)I usually clean weekly which includes dusting everything, from pictures to everyday furniture, vacuum furniture, clean bathroom vanity area and toilet and mop every other week and I vacumm the hard floors in between. Finally a very good vacuum job on the carpets. I rarely cook..think i have 3 or 4 times since moving there in June. I have been told I "over-clean", which I agree with to a extent but that is what makes me happy but over the next two weeks my time is taken so the cleaning will have to wait.

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I live by myself and clean weekly as well!! If i didnt vacuum or dust for a few weeks it wouldnt be that bad!! I dont make much of a mess!!

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:) ROFL...oh, you're one of THOSE boys (the 'oh, is THAT how you keep the kitchen so clean- you never cook! kind)

sounds like she was just having a bad day, or something- since you DO keep a clean house.

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