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bigwill858September 21, 2007

Hi all, I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of the month. The landlord sent me an email saying that he's going to have someone over tonight between 5-9pm. I'd rather he not come over after 6pm and told him so but he says that's the only time they can see the place and they will be coming over. Can he do that?

Also, he's saying that he's going to be showing the place all weekend and to count this as my notice. Does he have to at least let me know when he's going to come in?

I don't have a problem working with him but that seems a bit unreasonable. I'd appreciate any input you guys/gals might be able to give.


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I don't think it's unreasonable - he has to show the place sometime and most people work all day. What I would do is ask him to buzz you either by bell or phone first when someone's there so you at least have a chance to put your clothes on :-)!

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He can do that if your lease and/or state law is anything like mine. (You also cannot prevent him from showing it by making unreasonable demands for scheduling showings or denying entry unreasonably. That behavior could well cost him lost future income.) If you're gone in a week he absolutely has the right to attempt to get new tenants in a.s.a.p.

I just use my State's laws in the lease, that reasonable notice will be given (24 hours verbal or written is considered reasonable) and that it will be done at reasonable times. State law does not stipulate 'reasonable times'. Personally, I don't like showing at night (because I'm tired and want to go home!) so I try to keep it so we'd be out by 8PM. (Figure on average people are settling in my then, getting any small children ready for bed, etc.) That typically means I schedule the latest appointment for 7PM or so, so I know we're out by 8. But, I do have to work around job schedules and most weekday requests are for showings after work (5 or 6 PM earliest). Some people like to run home, pick up a spouse, then come by.

I think your landlord is doing a 'blanket' notice for the weekend because he probably has many appointments lined up. (Weekends are most popular). As a courtesy he really should tell you "I'll be there between the hours of 1 and 5" for example, so you have a window of when someone will be coming through. But it might well be that he has a couple mornings, a few late afternoons, etc. So it might be 10-Noon and 3-6. I don't think you'd be out of line to nudge him for a time window for the weekend, it is still your home till the end of the month. Everything depends on the prospective tenant. I wouldn't suggest being difficult, just something like "I have some errands to run but need to do some work at home, too. Can you please let me know the times you will be in over the weekend so I can arrange my schedule accordingly?" Nothing unreasonable about that and if he's cooperative and courteous, he should at least give you that much.

Also, don't hold no-shows against him. It's rude and inconsiderate but easily half the viewings I schedule are no-shows. Even with my reminder calls a couple hours prior. So no-shows on one end and a tenant that's trying to block times on the other will probably make him grumpy and less cooperative.

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