want to temporarily spruce up basement

bsacksApril 25, 2007

We are definitely going to finish our basement with top quality materials - when we have enough money together. In the meantime, I'd like to just make it nice enough for the kids to be able to play there. I was thinking of painting the cement walls and putting down cheap carpet squares. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Do I really need to prime the walls before painting if I know we are going to sheetrock within a year (hopefully)?

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You can definitely paint your concrete. Plan that it is a slow process to brush paint into all of the uneven spots and may take 2 coats. Parts of ours was painted for several years until the finishing could "catch-up". We even anchored picture hooks onto the walls and hung some posters. I would be careful about gluing anything onto the floor unless you know what your eventual flooring might be. Glue clean-up can be a mess. Consider a carpet remnant.

Meanwhile, you will be using the space and imagining how you would like it finished. Use this as your opportunity to develop your plan, even anticipate finishing it in phases.

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Try to incorporate as much floor and task lighting as you can. Many basements make the mistake of opting for just overhead lights, or flourescent lights, which make the space feel cold and clinical. And avoid junking it with remnant furniture which tends to make the whole space feel as though you're using it for storage. Invest in some decent quality, durable pieces, a nice remnant rug (with a good pad or it will feel hard on the concrete). you could even paint the floors if you wanted. Some tables, a few lamps and some color on the walls. It should look much more inviting. You don't have to break the bank either.

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Don't know where you at but that seem liked a basement w/o any insulation if you going to paint the concrete wall.

Would coldness be a factor during the winter season? How was it before?

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