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arizonaroseApril 1, 2006

We are considering having egress windows installed in our 2 basement bedrooms so we can sell our house as a 4 bedrm instead of a 2 bedrm. Does anyone have any idea what something like this would cost? Just a rough estimate. We are in Michigan. Thanks for your time :-)

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Egress window are just regular windows that meet certain requirements:
 Have a net clear openable area of 5.7 square feet;
(Or 5.0 s.f. for windows within 44" of exterior grade.)
 Have a net clear openable height dimension of 24";
 Have a net clear openable width dimension of 20";
 Have a finished sill height no higher than 44" above
the floor; and
 Be operable from the inside without special knowledge, tools or effort.

So "egress" per se does not imply any special cost. However, if you have a below-grade basement with concrete walls you would have to cut through the concrete to provide a space for the window and dig out a place for an outside window well.

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In the southeast part of Michigan you will be looking at between $3,100 and $3,800.00.

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Thank you both for the information concerning Egress windows. :-)

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