Bosch 500 Series

queensinfoJanuary 28, 2013

Any thoughts on the Bosch 500 evolution series? My local store is pushing that as the best choice dishwasher around $800. I need something quiet and it seems as though the KA in that price range are supposed to be "noisier".

Anything else i should look at?

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The top 8 dishwashers rated by Consumer Reports are all Bosch. However, they do not include the 500 Evolution series models. They rated quite a bit further down. The top 4 recommended models are:

1. Ascenta SHX3AR7[5]UC - $700
2. Ascenta SHE3AR7[]UC - $600
3. Ascenta SHEARF[]UC (Lowe's) - $650
4. Ascenta SHX3AR5[]UC - $600

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i had seen that however, although they look a bit further down in the ratings, there wasn't that big of a score differential. The ascenta were said to be built more "cheaply", with the tub being not fully stainless (repeating what salesman indicated) and that the 500 series was a better made machine.

anyone out there with one want to elaborate? any alternatives to the SHE55?

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For what it is worth we bought the Bosch SHE55R52UC/64. I can't recall exactly why we picked that model, but as our Kitchenaid failed, we needed one in a hurray, and it had to be white. I think it came down to what was available at a reasonable price. I think appearance factored into it as well. The model we have has no controls exposed, and no easily visible handle -- looks very clean. The only downside is that all you have to know it is running is the red light projected on the floor, and without opening the door you do not know how much time is left in the cycle.

We wanted a quiet one, after having a Kitchenaid which was awful for noise, and I can say this one is very quiet. Bosch rates it at 46 dB. We often open it when it is running without realizing it is running -- you can get a little wet. The cleaning is excellent, and the manual filter is no problem at all.

This model has racks with more adjustment and do-dads. I suspect we will never use either. We also find that some of the rack fingers are fairly narrowly spaced. If your dishes fit, it has a lot of capacity due to the tight spacing.

About the only thing I didn't really like is the installation. I install my own dishwashers and this one takes some extra effort. The water connection is in a different location and really needs a flexible hose connection. And while all dishwashers we have had before (GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid) have had lots of room under them to work -- connect water and power, this Bosch essentially goes right to the floor. When you are not a pro, it takes some extra 4 letter words to get the job done!

That said, the up side of having everything lower on the bottom, the inside of the tub is deeper, and allows taller objects inside.

I just used CR to compare the top rated model to the SHE55. I really don't see why the rating is lower other than the cycle time appears to be shorter on the Ascentia at 95 minutes. They show the 55 model at 110 minutes. Ours in Auto typically runs 105 minutes. I also noticed that the Ascentia model does not appear to have a stainless tub. We have not bought a dishwasher that did not have a stainless tub since we had a GE that rusted out on us. It is a must for us.

Hope that helps some.

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We have the SHX55 Bosch 500 series and I love it, ours has the bar handle with hidden controls. I usually run Auto with Sanitary and it takes 126 minutes. I decided on this one over the 300 series because of the stainless tub, bar handle with hidden controls, adjustable racks, and half load options. No complaints!

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I've purchased my third Bosch (none have failed) and did not even consider Miele or KA.

I just happened to be looking at some older CR issues and realized that in no other category of appliances does a single vendor dominate the rankings. Whatever you think about their testing methodologies, that is statistically significant. They just added a new DW in this months issue to their recommended list... A Thermador made by Bosch. The first non Bosch on the list is a KA.

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I bought an SHE55M last year during a July 4th sale for a lot less than $800. (The pecuiliarities of holiday pricing being what they were, the white model I bought was only $50 more than one in the Ascenta line.) It replaced a 15-year0old Bosch 3xxx series.

One of the reasons I got the SHE55M was that I do not care for top-mounted controls. I like having them on the face of the dishwasher door and also having a count-down timer. Preferences on this vary, so there are varieties of choices on this.

The new one is noticably quieter than the old one, which was pretty quiet to begin with. Not silent when it drains, mind, but not obtrusively noisy, either.

One thing you want to do with any new dishwasher is make sure that you have the kick paneling installed correctly and the DW positioned at the proper depth beneath the counter. Getting those rimming gasket/flaps and the kick-panel set properly will be key to controlling noise on any brand of DW. (There were threads about this last fall.)

Cycle times are slightly slower than the old one. Old one ran about 95 minutes, usually. For the SHE55M, CR reported 110 minutes but mine usually runs between 98 and 102 minutes. Its the turbidity sensor than controls running time. Apparently, my dw water is less turbid than CR's.

The new one loads differently than the old Bosch, which was similar to every other dw I had used previously except that it had a large flatware basket. The 500 series has a basket that can be two narrower baskets that link together on their narrow ends and hook to the left-side of the bottom rack. Or, the baskets be folded together as a wider basket and positioned elsewhere on the bottom rack. Bottom rack tines can fold down in a variety of ways.

For me, the 500 Series racks have more capacity for dinnerware and glasses, and more flexibility in loading, too. Might be me particular dinnerware. I will say that it took some some trial and error to figure it out. I kept the racks from the old one and have occasionally swapped in the bottom one. The old rack seems easier for loading lots of pots, for example, works really well with tall pots because the upper rack can be raised to provide added clearance.) Now that I've figured out the folding tines, though, its been months since I did the swap.

Even so, not everybody likes the new rack set-up. Some find it has less capacity than racks in other brands, at least for the loads they wash. I suggest you take some of your dishes and glassware down to the store to check out loading. That exercise may tell you more than we can.

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I think i am 85% set on the 500 series but can't decide between the three models. what are the advantages/disadvantages of hidden controls, or is it all about the look? We generally run the dishwasher overnight but that is because of the noise in the current one. I like the idea of knowing how much time is left but don't know that it really matters (and may not be worth an extra $80 bucks). Looks wise, i like the bar handle better than the flush handle for hidden controls..

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Differences? Advantages? Disadvantages? Ronaka covered it.
Are you hoping that somebody will say that there is some previously undisclosed magic that will determine your choice for you? There isn't any. You just have to pick what you like.

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ouch definitely called me out for being a poor decision maker (jk). Just wasn't sure if there was anything else. It comes down to indecisiveness too.

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We have the recessed handle model shown at the link below. To be frank we bought it because of the clean looks, it was white, there was a rebate sale price, and it was in stock for almost immediate delivery.

As I said before you can always determine if it is running by looking at the red light projected on the floor. If you want to know exact time remaining, you have to open the door a bit. Providing you do it slowly no water comes out and it runs again as soon as you shut it. We often do two or more loads per day, but still do not find it inconvenient.

The only control type I really avoid is the membrane plastic smooth types. On both a KA and Maytag this membrane cracked over time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Recessed Handle

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