Verifying Gas flow rate to Range

stuarbcJanuary 15, 2014

Builder had the plumber install the gas lines for my house. The line enters my house as 3/4" galvanized pipe, goes into the attic and then branches off. One branch reduces down to 1/4" copper tubing and then run across the house (in the attic) about 40' before dropping down to the gas range. The other line stays 3/4" piping to a stub out on the side of the house. I have to run piping from the stub out to a fire pit. After researching the size pipe needed for the fire pit, I am concerned that the 1/4" tubing he ran to the range is not enough. I confronted the builder and said that per what I saw on the internet listing code requirements, the pipe appeared to be undersized. He would not change it....stating that that is the size they have always used and have had no problems.

I purchased one of the NXR 30" ranges that have 4 x 15000 btu burners and a gas pretty high capacity. I was trying to find a way to verify that the range is getting the proper flow.....but do not know of a way to measure BTUs.

The only way I could think of would be to run one burner on high and see what the flame looks like.....then turn everything on and see if the flame looks the same or smaller. If it is smaller, that should show that the flow is restricted.

Is there a better way?

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gmatx_gw zone 6

You need to be talking to the plumber who installed the gas lines. Also, look up the International Plumbing Code and read the gas codes. This is the minimum that a city/town can use - they can increase the requirements but not decrease them. Let the plumber know you have researched the information. I am traveling, so I really don't have the amount of time I need to go to the IPC site and read up on the gas codes. Also, after your research and talking to the plumber (NOT the builder), if you still feel that things are wrong, it might be worth it to have a second opinion from a plumber who is not associated with the one who did the work nor works with this builder.

There are several knowledgeable plumbers over on the Plumbing Forum. You should post this over there, also. (I'm just a retired RN who is married to the owner of the plumbing shop....LOL)

Good luck.

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