China set purchased during Spanish American War

donniehMarch 25, 2013

Can anyone please tell me if this is worth getting an appraisal for? My wife's grandfather purchased the items in China during the Spanish American War. Every item in the collection has a red, hand painted symbol on the bottom. It is not a stamp. Each symbol is hand painted and unique. Each piece is etched in gold. Thanks for your help.

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Check Antique Roadshow Website to find out if you can match it or come close. Also do you have any certified Antique Dealers near you or could you contact some off the show that specialize in this type of collectable? Maybe they could recommend someone. Yes it could be valuable, so like the show warns, if a dealer just offers a price be careful..

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Wow, beautiful.

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It's Japanese, regardless of where she bought it, because China didn't use women in kimonos on their dishes.

If you start looking for "Japanese export porcelain" you might get lucky.

And a picture of the symbol would help, too.

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