what do u do??

cheyyenne3September 24, 2007

I live in a upstairs apartment. alone.

I have a 64 yr old grouchy woman under me/ I have a garden flower show up here, but i intensely watch to make sure NO WATER RUNS OR DRIPS DOWN ON HERRRRRR CONCRETE.

Oh!! if she sees one trickle she is slamming her door or she is calling me brat or she is reporting me

but!! sheeeeeeeeee can lather her concrete up with water and clorine and detergent and here i get cussed over a teacup of water that may drip down.. i cant even wash my own concrete deck with water to mop.. in fear of a drop of water on her concrete.. I often wondered when it rained and it blew in on her concrete, did she go out and shake her fists at God!!!! Hey U!! stop putting rain on my concrete!!!!

It is a very rare thing, if it does happen, but this lady is the sore thru out the complex to others also... thanks for the ear an sounding board here folks........

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I feel your pain, but don't even pay her any mind. Do what ever you want. Old people sometimes have nothing in thier lives to keep them occupied, so they use thier neighbors as something to consume thier time.
Just ignore her and go on with your life, trust me, you feel better.
I have been in a similar situation with a 60 something old lady who was friends with me immediately when I moved in....shortly becomming a nusience and always knocking on my door for one reason or another....Here is some food I made, or Did you hear the latest?? I could go on, but I won't. Well she has since passed away a few years ago, Can't say I'm sorry...

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oh that just sounds like too much fun! i would be dripping water on that porch all the time, just for kicks.

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