Abandoned house with flooded basement, level of damage?

snkscoreApril 29, 2013

I've been interested in a foreclosed house near where I live. Recently we had a crazy rain storm, with just about everyone getting water in their basement. I was able to see into the finished basement with a flashlight to see that during the flooding there was a few feet of water in the basement. No electricity to power the sump pump probably. The water was gone 2 days later when I checked back.

I'm assuming the basement will need to be gutted. I'm wondering if it is likely that the main and 2nd floor would have any type of significant damage. I could deal with ripping out all the drywall in the basement, but if I had to rip out all the drywall in the house, that would be overly costly.

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Without any effort to dry things out, I'd be very worried about mold development. You'll also have to consider damage to mechanicals as well, assuming the previous owner didn't rip out the furnace and water heater.

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If it flooded once it will flood again. How many times are you willing to rebuild the same basement?

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