Can I use a self-leveling concrete for this?

tanamaApril 18, 2009

We have a very tiny basement, basically just big enough for the furnace/ac blower unit, the sump pump. and one set of shelving.

It's an OLD house and old basement, and the floor is very uneven, and the water that pushes up from our very-high water level (most houses here don't have basements for that reason) tends to pool in the low spots.

Can I use a self-leveling concrete to even out the floor?

My biggest question is how do I handle it around the sump well - do I build a barrier a few inches out from it and then trowl in some regular concrete at a slant once the self-leveling has fully cured?

Also, what would be the best way to put in some kind of mini-trenches to direct the little bit of water that still ends up on the surface over to the sump well: press something into the wet concrete that I could take or chip out once the concrete cured (if so, what?)? Use a circular saw to cut out some trenches once it's dried? Any other ideas?

And just in case it's not obvious, this basement is all about function - appearance really doesn't matter. We go down there very rarely.

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I'm concerned that a self-leveling concrete topping is not going to bond to your old floor. At minimum the original floor will need to be carefully pressure washed. Speak with a reputable retailer and, if possible, the distributor - don't seek advice from a home center because their staff generally is not knowledgable.

As far as a "trench", you probably will not be adding a significant thickness. Sections of PVC resting on the original floor would probably be the easiest method.

Good luck.

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