Foundation Spalling and Grading

SherwoodForestApril 5, 2014

Our block foundation has some spalling just above grade and an outside corner with additional damage just below the grade (see first photo). The downspout extension in this corner had been leaking water behind it with the previous owner (I suspect for quite a while).

Here's what we're seeing on this end of the house:
- Spalling above grade
- Horizontal cracks along joints
- Significant deterioration at corner, below grade
- This end of the house is vented crawlspace

Items we have done or plan to address:
- Achieve negative grade away from house
- Downspout extensions (5' long) no longer leak against house

I suspect the deteriorated corner is from the downspout extension leaking against the foundation for an extended period. Is it bad enough to require repair? Can it be cleaned and patched, or does the block need replaced?

What about the spalling above grade? Is there something we need to do with it?

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Here's the spalling along the side of the house.

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Here's the grade along the side of the house. Visually we can see the grade needs improved, but we've measured the grade in several places around the house and know where and how much needs improved.

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Here's a close-up of the deteriorated corner.

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More spalling.

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If it was mine I'd assume that the block was fully grouted and so would be nasty to replace. I'd dig down below the poured footer, wash the dirt away, and hand trowel mortar mix with added cement and latex admixture. At least that'd be my first guess until I actually dug down to see what was really there...

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I'd extend the downspouts at least six feet out into the yard. Or, better yet, run the downspout into solid 4" PVC sewer pipe going into the ground, then trench it out 20 feet with a popup emitter at the end. The last couple of lengths of pipe can be perforated. A "Y" fitting where the downspout runs into the PVC will serve as a cleanout.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Extend a Downspout

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