Fry Glass Pitcher & Compote

maximavswifeMarch 28, 2011

Hi all! I normally post on the decor/ craft boards here on GW but I scored some cut glass at an auction over the weekend and I am hoping someone here can offer some insight. I purchased a pitcher and a tall compote that I believe to be Fry glass. Is my gut feeling right?

I have attched the link to all of the photos I have. If they are not clear enough to be of help, let me know and I will see if I can get better ones.

TIA for your help,


Here is a link that might be useful: Fry Glass?

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Why do you think it's Fry? And not Hawkes or Dorflinger, or Libby....or any of the other makers?
Can you find a signature?
It's beautiful stuff by the way!! Lucky you!!
Linda c

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No signature that I can find. It's just a gut feeling. If it's not Fry then I would like to know what it could be. I'd be happy no matter what it is because I love them.


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Do research on the patterns produced by all the great Brilliant Period glass masters....and draw your own conclusion.
As I have said before....a rose by any other name...
If it's not signed....who cares who made it? It's plainly American Brilliant period cut glass dating around 1900....give or take 10 years.
But look carefully for a signature....not always on the bottom....and hard to see. Sometimes just acid etched into the glass. Look carefully!
Linda C

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