Can My Landlord Charge Me?

ce1987September 9, 2008

Hello, I need help and advice. I signed a new lease with my apt. complex July 1st for $570.00 a month. My rent technically should have been $605.00 because I have a washer and dryer in my apt that belongs to the complex which is where the extra $35.00 come in to play. The landlord did not include the w/d on my lease. It's not my fault. Last month I paid $570.00 and this month I paid $570.00 on the 5th. Well, on the 6th (the day late fees begin) I received a letter requesting the $35.00 dollars for the washer and dryer and $100.00 for the late fee. The landlord accepted $570.00 on the 5th and the washer and dryer is not on my lease. Can I be charged for this and do I owe a late fee? What should I do?

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Hi, well either tell him to take the W/D away, or else pay for them if you want them, but don't pay the $100.00 (because it wasn't on the lease).

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What I'd do is demand a new, correct lease. Then I'd pay the money for the washer and dryer, but not the late fee.

Did you have the washer and dryer on your previous lease? Then you knew you had to pay for them, even if they weren't on the lease.

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Check the laws in your state.
You might not owe the owner anything.
Your lease speaks for itself.

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Internet tenant rights in your state. In my state, you would NOT be held liable since it was NOT in the lease and you have those terms for the duration. You would not be held liable for the $130.00.

There is such a thing as winning a battle but losing the war. You could stand to lose more than $130.00 from the subtle actions of a hostile landlord holding a grudge if you refuse to pay or take him to small claims court.

Keep the peace. Give him the W/D if he waives the $135.00 (get it in writing). Buy your own and take it with you when you move. I've seen those stackable jobs costing not much more than what you would pay to rent for a year.

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