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travlibJanuary 14, 2014

I recently purchased a 30 inch wall oven and speed oven from Miele. Each time I use the master chef feature in both ovens to bake a roast it fails. Today I used the speedoven
using the master chef feature. The display started out at 1 hr 20 min and kept going doing in time. Then all of the sudden the display went from 50 minutes to saying it was ready. Took roast out the internal temperature with an independent therm. said 164 . Meat pink. The oven is under warranty. WHen I called tech support, the tech said that if the oven checks out it is user error and it would cost me $80. The situation I have described about alsoo happened twice on a pork loin roast in the wall oven. Has any one else had problems with this feature. This feature is an expensive upgrade.

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I am a bit confused, if you took the temp with a instant read thermometer and it showed 164 it should be done. Was the 164 in F or C? If it was in C that would be almost 330F, either way to me that means the roast should have been basically Well Done.

When you say the meat was Pink what do you mean, the inside, the outside, both?

Again, I am just confused since 164F is considered at least Medium Well if not Well Done.

As for the time moving around that can be possible if it is using a sensor to cook and it is adjusting on the fly, though I don't know if the Miele does that or not to be honest.


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