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clover77September 15, 2007

Hi, here are some questions about my apt. application.

We submitted an apt. application in July, and it was approved then. Everything went well. It was actually a transfer from one building to another. The new one is bigger than the old one. Everything went well until yesterday.

The manger wrote us a "deny" letter, saying that our application was denied for the following reasons: 1, our incomes do not meet the requirement. 2, our housekeeping right now is poor. 3, new people move in, but without notifying Leasing Office.

For the first reason, it is funny they approved the application a couple of months ago, without saying anything about income problem. We even said we'd happy to provide more paper documents if you needed. They said no, and if they needed they would let us know. But the second day, the application was approved already. Additionally, I know some other people already signed the lease with them, their incomes even less than us, but they still got approved and signed the lease.

For the second reason, as soon as we got the notice from them, we have cleaned up the apt. totally. Since we thought we might move the next month, we have bought some furniture. All were in the living room. Also, our roommates moved out last month. Everything was in a mess. But that did not mean our housekeeing is always like this. We did try to remedy this mistake immediately, however.

For the third reason, our roommates told us they will move out just ONE day before before they decided it. They said they will sublet the rooms until the lease ended in Oct. They left us no choice but accepted the new roommates. And we thought they might help these new guys to get all paper works/check in procedures done. But now we know they did not. And it became a reason to deny our new application.

I might say there are sth that we may not good, but at least the manger should give us a chance to explain, or a warning is more acceptable, rather than a "deny" letter. She even did not want to listen to us... we felt so disappointed.

I hope you can provide some suggestions for us. Thanks a lot!

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It sounds like you broke the rules/lease. A 'deny' letter for you new apartment might be the least of your problems. If your current lease says 'no sublet' or that everyone residing there has to be listed on the lease, they can throw you out with 28 days notice (depending on the state you live in.)

I don't understand that you expect a "warning" regarding filling out a new application for a apartment. They either accept it or deny it.

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But this application has been approved in July. No income problem at that time. Why it is a problem today?

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Also, we did not sublet the rooms to anybody. My old roommates did. Then they moved out to another building that belongs to the same company. The manager even found they are in both leases.

Why only we "pay" for all the bad results?

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1) Your room mate moved, probably your income approval was based on his income.

2) "as soon as we got the notice from them, we have cleaned up the apt. totally" So before the notice you lived in filth?

3) Do new people move in? Friends who stay there almost everynight are moved in without bringing their stuff.

If I were you I would be looking new place to live because your lease might not be renewed kiddo.

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Agree your rejection due to income was probably due to the fact that it was based on roommates leaving, because they are currently party to the rental contract and their income was calculated into the larger apt. If there is a 'no sublet' clause in your lease, they broke the contract (due to the rejection it sounds like yours probably does have that clause). If so, now the rules of the game have changed. As a landlord, I really frown on 'body swapping'. (I have a story I'm going to tell you about that in a second.) When it comes to hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate, and the upkeep thereof, it is unacceptable to simply replace one tenant for another without a) discussing with mgmt/owner and b) getting permission.

I agree things can be a mess from a move. But it sounds like the move was premature on your roommates part. And never buy furniture till you've signed on the dotted line. I never consider a house rented until I have a signed lease in my possession. Until that point (because anything can happen) I will continue to show it to prospective tenants.

They left us no choice but accepted the new roommates. And we thought they might help these new guys to get all paper works/check in procedures done. From management's point of view, you all as a group have taken over that apartment's occupancy status. Some leave, some stay, new roommates in, no app, no screening, zip. Just all sprung on management without their knowledge or consent. If the lease includes all names of original roommates, then all are party to the contract. It's just not OK for one or more to bail and think they can simply replace a body and all is well. You could end up with the roommate from hell, and landlord has someone they might have to evict.

That alone has put mgmt in a tricky position. I would keep a close eye on things, there is a possibility your lease is not going to be renewed. But keep communications open. That helps. Don't try to place blame elsewhere, because it makes you appear as if you're not willing to take responsibility. I'm not saying you are responsible, I'm just suggesting you explain (in an intelligent and professional manner) what happened and why. Perhaps it might get you a break.

Here's that story, this is a good example of why body swapping can be a nightmare for roommates and owners/mgmt:

Happened at one our rental houses, nice house, nice town, male tenant has been there for several years. Out of the blue he's laid off due to downsizing. He's still able to pay rent, but requests a roommate so he can get back on his feet. Fine by me, however I tell him I must screen anyone (app, credit report, and I check local criminal + eviction records) then rewrite a new lease with new roommate. A month later he approaches me to pay rent, announces he has permitted female aquaintance to move in. I have no app, no credit/rental history/background on her, no lease stipulating conditions with her signature, nothing. I tell him we're not bypassing this process. He says "OK, but if she's not approved, I can't just put her out on the street." (Attempting to manipulate through guilt like that will come back to bite.)

At this point I'm royally ticked. This guy (a favored tenant of mine) had no right to sublet without my approval (we have a no sublet clause), now has a person residing in my property that I know nothing about.

I get her app, run credit report, check court records. In the few days I'm gathering her info and checking, things are heating up rapidly at the house. My male tenant calls me out of the blue and says he's leaving immediately, that "she's crazy and I'm getting out." She went ballistic, police were called. Swell. So while that's going on at the house I learn that she has felony charges filed against her (embezzling funds and check fraud) and some other miscellaneous goodies. So I've lost my good tenant and look what I'm stuck with. I want her out fast. (At this juncture she is not aware that I know of her criminal charges, she doesn't think I check that far.) She calls me, tries to make my tenant the bad guy, tries to negotiate a lease on her own. Her terms are a two month extension for paying the security dep., and pay rent in installments. Oh, and since she's alone, maybe I'll lower the rent for her? I decline. She tells me she can manage the full rent and deposit, even 'on time' if I let her 'good friend' move in. I decline those terms as well. (Her 'good friend' was an on again/off again boyfriend whom police records indicated was prone to trashing cars, houses, and her face when he was having a bad day. Ironically she had a restraining order against him.) Apparently this woman thought that the world owed her. Since I wouldn't 'meet her terms', she informed me she's "not paying a dime" toward rent. (Keep in mind she doesn't even have a lease with me at that point.) So on a Saturday I post a Demand to Vacate and advise I'm filing for immediate possession of my property. When Monday morning rolls around I plan to file in court. She leaves Sunday night, but left me with damages just for kicks. She's long gone, no one knows where. It was quite the nightmare, my tenant suffered because he lost his home. An example of how things can go nasty really fast when sublets are done without mgmt's knowledge, screening or approval.

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