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sallysue_gardnerMarch 29, 2010

is anyone familiar with eva zeisel?

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Eva began her career in Europe & moved to U.S. & has continued for 9 decades with her unique streamlined designs. Made some things for Hall China, Castleton Museum ware, Hallcraft- Century dinnerware, Johann Haviland,, Monmouth Dinnerware,Norleans dinnerware by Melto,Schmid, Schramberg,& Town & Country for Red Wing Potteries so she did a lot, some modern & sleek, others bright sharply angled stuff. "antique Trader" Pottery & Porcelain 5th ed. 2006. Prices on her stuff are $6 to $1,000 so she does it all!! Many other lines I didn't mention also.

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I think she's still alive at 103! You can go to for alot of good information on her work. I'm a Hall collector, so I was primarily familiar with her from their line. I think there was an article about her in Oprah's "O" magazine in January 2010.

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Wow!this lady is awesome she received a lot of honors and awards by doing something she really loves. Her collections are great too! I hope I can have one of her collections and display it on the main entrance of the house! At 103 years old I can say she's got it all when it comes to these uniques collections.

Here is a link that might be useful: choosehottubsdirect reviews

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