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patty_cakesMarch 5, 2010

Anyone collect them? Is there a story/history behind them, or were they primarily used for candies, crackers, cookies, and probably tobacco? ;o)

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I have a few. Charles & Diana after the wedding on 1 side, with scenes of famous buildings around town. Homemade Ginger Wafers by Famous Biscuit Co. is really nice, container made in England,Embossed on bottom, it has lots of gold & young girl on 1 side & house & flowers on other-it's my favorite.It's about 5 1/2 in. tall oval can. Several other biscuit & other tins, I just liked them & they were cheap. I love "dime banks" they look just like spice cans but the top is different & has a slit big enough to put a silver dollar through, you pry top off with end of bottle opener you used to open things with,like a paint can opener. They didn't have spice in the cans but Betsy Ross tea, I got it in Santa Ana at large antique mall years ago. Lady said what all they sold in them but I've forgotten but I think different brands of tea mostly,mine is 3 1/2 in. tall 1 1/2 in. wide so tea was very expensive, had other sizes I guess as it says 10cent size Red background with Betsy Ross sewing on the flag gold lettering. Most of rest are good for storing buttons. Mine had everything but tobacco. I used to have a couple that had handles so you could carry them. One came filled with buttons, that is why I bought it. Some great buttons!! I think they were originally associated with sewing or storing crackers(biscuits) kept the critters out of the food.

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