I have free internet?

solomongrundySeptember 14, 2010

Yes, kind of a dumb question, but here's the story:

In Apartment "A" I had my internet set up and everything was fine with no problems.

I have just moved out of "A" into Apartment "B" (in the same community, but not the same building BTW).

Beforehand, I called Comcast and told them to disconnect my service to "A" and transfer my service to apt "B." I set a "connection appointment" for this Friday (9/17).

Well, out of curiosity, I hooked up my computer, modem, and router to "B" and....apparently, I can connect to the internet (as evidenced by this post).

So my stupid question(s) is should I cancel this Friday's appointment and see if this allegedly "free" internet stays or go ahead and keep the appointment?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I would call them and explain and ask if a visit is necessary for Fri. I don't imagine it is, and though you might have gotten it for 'free', it could be turned off or cause you problems on down the road...just my 2 cents.

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Is your cable TV on too? If so call them back and tell them you don't need the appointment.

If TV isn't on, what you call "Free" internet is probably a neighbor who doesn't have a secured network. You can only use that so long before you get caught.

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Any chance Apt B's prior tenant didn't have their turn off date yet? Or maybe they paid for a full month of service, moved out before their month of Comcast was up (whatever end date that is) and just let it ride out instead of canceling early? Just thinking out loud...

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@ gammyt: I never had cable in apt "A," just the internet.

Of course, I could always hook up the co-ax cable to the jack and see if anything shows up.

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So what did you do?

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